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Infinity Blade III iPhone Cheats


Battle Chips

Unlock the Battle Challenges skill for Battle Chips. With this skill unlocked, during some fights against Titans, you’ll be given extra tasks such as "Kill the titan with magic." Fulfilling these tasks earns you some Chips.

Unlock the Imagine Dragons Axe

Access the Characters menu, where you'll see your items, supplies, skills, and goals. Near the upper right corner of the screen, you'll see a Gear icon. Tap that and choose the "Chair Store" option. Inside that store, scroll to reach "Imagine Dragons : Monster" and then select the "Gift" option. You'll load a site in Safari. Wait for it to load, then close it once it finishes. When you return to Infinity Blade III, you should find the Imagine Dragons Axe added to your Items inventory.

Combos to Use

During battles, it pays to know which combos will yield the most damage upon using them. Check out the list below to figure out which combos you'll be utilizing the most. These moves produce different levels of damage, so take note of them:

  • Huge Hit Combo: Left, Right, Left
  • Mega Hit Combo: Left, Left, Right, Right
  • Ultra Hit: Left, Right, Up, Down, Left

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Tips and Tricks

  • There are easy Chips to be gained simply by mixing up your approach to combat. For example, get the early Goal tiers nailed by using lots of different combat types.
  • Work through the list of one-time Goals below and do these easiest ones to make some very quick currency.
  • If the Goal system specifies buying any items, just grind out enough cash to buy the cheapest items from that category.
  • Once you fully upgrade any of your weapons/armor to Master status, you'll no longer get an XP for using them. It pays to use all types of different weapons in order to master them all.
  • Going up against the Titan that is immune to a certain element means you should fight it with the opposite element. For example, you should equip a Fire Sword, Fire Ring and Ice Shield if you're fending off the Titan who's immune to ice. This also pays off vice versa.
  • Always scan environments for hidden sacks of gold and ingredients.
  • The Potionmaster brews a variety of potions that imbue your character with enhanced stats. All you need are the ingredients. Visit him by tapping the blue circle on the tower. Drag the desired ingredients from the list on the left to the right side of the screen, then press the Cook button. You can wait until the potion is complete, or spend Chips to finish it immediately.
  • The Merchant sells items at a discount for a limited time.
  • The Blacksmith will upgrade previously mastered weapons; it's a great way to hang onto a favorite blade.
  • Always seek to complete Goals, and be sure to collect the rewards. These range from executing 200 combo attacks to casting magic 50 times. You'll earn chips, which you can use to buy weapons and equipment.
  • With the game paused, make note of exclamation points near the Items, Supplies, Skills and Goals categories. The first two signify new pieces of equipment, Skills means you have points to assign, while Goals let you know there are rewards to collect.
  • Skill Points are used to boost a character's Health, Attack, Shield and Magic while at the same time unlocking new skills in the process.
  • Before engaging a monster, tap the exclamation point in the lower right corner to view its current level, along with the level of your character.
  • Using a spear may eliminate your ability to dodge.
  • To parry swipe just before the enemy strikes. You cannot parry kick attacks.
  • Equip gems to add perks. To see what a gem does, tap it. You may boost your defense, attack power or increase the ability to find gold.
  • Always equip yourself with a ring. These powerful pieces of jewelry let you cast different forms of magic that help your character and damage the opponent. Wait until the magic orb on the top right is full, tap and then trace the necessary shape to cast the desired magic.


Gotcha!Obtain the Infinity Blade500
RecombinationTier I: Do 10 combo attacks20
It's All in the ReflexesTier I: Do 5 parries10
Saw That One ComingTier I: Do 50 dodges10
Brace YourselfTier I: Do 25 blocks10
Hand is QuickerTier I: Cast magic 5 times20
DeathlessTier I: Isa reaches level 10100
Hunt and GatherTier I: Collect 10 potion ingredients20
Socially ResponsibleTier I: Participate in a ClashMob50
Steady SupplierTier I: Buy 3 items from the Merchant100
UnyieldingFinish a fight with a Dual Weapon without Siris taking damage20
IndestructibleFinish a fight with a Heavy Weapon without Isa taking damage20