Can you share Disney Plus account with family?

At long last, Disney Plus is here, and everyone seems to be enjoying all the Star Wars, Marvel, and traditional content on the streaming service. Is there, however, a Disney Plus family account? In this guide, we’ll let you know the answer to “can you share Disney+ account with family?” Read on to discover whether you can share your latest streaming subscription with friends and family or not. Sharing is caring, after all.

Is there a Disney Plus Family Account? | Can you share it with family?

Disney plus family account

The answer to this question is both yes and no. It doesn’t appear as there is such a thing as a Disney Plus family account, but you can share your account with family and friends. Anyone who owns the premium Netflix subscription knows that you can share your account with up to three other people, and Disney’s foray into the streaming market works much the same way.

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The standard and only available Disney Plus subscription should allow you to share your account with up to three other people, realistically. Any one Disney+ account should be able to be used on up to four screens at any time, at least. Just as you can with Netflix, therefore, should be able to log in to Disney Plus on a friend or family member’s Smart-enabled TV, phone, or anything else that runs the service. You can create multiple user accounts, too, so you can focus on your preferred settings and watch history. We’ve got a full guide on the maximum users you’re allowed, too.

Better yet, the standard account subscription for Disney Plus includes 4K HDR for up to four devices at once. This does make its $7-a-month cost seem cheap in comparison to what we have to pay for Netflix these days for the same benefits. Now it’s time to watch The Simpsons again.