Box art - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Jedi Fallen Order Force Essence Locations

Finding Force Essences in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order will increase your total amount of Force power. These secrets are hidden on each planet, and every time you get three of them, you’ll get a bit of an increase to your Force gauge.

Finding the locations of Force Essences can run from being relatively easy to incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, we’ve found every single secret in Jedi Fallen Order, so we can show you exactly where you need to go.

How many Force Essences are in Jedi Fallen Order?

There are 10 Force Essences in Jedi Fallen Order. Breaking their locations down by planet you get:

  • Bogano: 1
  • Dathomir: 1
  • Ilum: 1
  • Kashyyyk: 3
  • Zeffo: 4

On the map, Force Essences are counted under “Secrets.” Not every secret is a Force Essence. However, if you’re having issues finding them, you should localize your search to areas that still have unfound secrets. Alternatively, you can look below to find each Force Essence location in Jedi Fallen Order broken down by planet.

Jedi Fallen Order Bogano Force Essence Locations

There is only one Force Essence secret to find on Bogano.

Bogano Force Essence Secret 1

Area: Abandoned Workshop

The sole Force Essence secret location on Bogano can be found in the Abandoned Workshop area. It’s easy to get to. Just walk up to the shelf against the wall and claim it.

Jedi Fallen Order Dathomir Force Essence Locations

Dathomir also has only one Force Essence secret.

Dathomir Force Essence Secret 1

Area: Witches Horn

You won’t be able to get the Force Essence on Dathomir until after you defeat the Gorgara. Once it has gone down, you can return to Witches Horn and scale the wall you were climbing when the beast attacked you. Make your way through the area, and you’ll find this secret near a torch.

Jedi Fallen Order Ilum Force Essence Locations

Ilum contains a singular Force Essence secret.

Ilum Force Essence Secret 1

Area: Shattered Lake

You can get this secret as soon as you land on Ilum. Instead of heading straight out of the ship, hang a right. You’ll find an area where you can wall run across to a small stone outcrop. Here, you’ll find the Force Essence next to an abandoned campfire.

Jedi Fallen Order Kashyyyk Force Essence Locations

There are a total of three Force Essences to find on Kashyyyk.

Kashyyyk Force Essence Secret 1

Area: Imperial Refinery

You’ll find this secret in an area where Stormtroopers are fighting some of the local fauna. You can get to the ledge where the Force Essence is by finding a crack in the nearby wall and passing through the cave. Beware, you’ll need to fight the Albino Wyyyschokk to get through this area. Once the giant spider is down, you’ll be able to find another crack in the wall to pass through that will put on you the ledge the secret is on.

Kashyyyk Force Essence Secret 2

Area: Forest Trench

This secret is immediately visible when you enter the room. Still, you won’t be able to get it until you obtain the Powered Zipline upgrade for BD-1. Once you do, you’ll be able to overload the console and move the zipline so that you can reach the Force Essence.

Kashyyyk Force Essence Secret 3

Area: Imperial Refinery

To get to this secret, you can either take the lift from the lower level or use the prison grates to cross over and jump onto the ledge. Regardless of your path, once on the ledge, you can shimmy across by jumping up and grabbing the pipe. Use slow on the two fans and enter the area to find the Force Essence by a dead Stormtrooper.

Jedi Fallen Order Zeffo Force Essence Locations

Zeffo has the most Force Essence secrets with a total of four.

Zeffo Force Essence Secret 1

Area: Tomb of Miktrull

To get to this secret, you’ll just need to cross over the gap. You’ll find it sitting out in the open for the taking.

Zeffo Force Essence Secret 2

Area: Venator Wreckage

Reaching this secret isn’t too tricky. You’ll see it when you reach the part of the area where you must swing across two ropes to reach a passage on the other side of the large, central room. You should be able to clearly see this Force Essence on your left as you’re swinging across. Instead of swinging to the other side, stop your momentum on the first rope. Point in the direction of the essence, and swing until you can jump and reach the ledge it’s on.

Zeffo Force Essence Secret 3

Area: Broken Wing

You’ll be able to enter Broken Wing by heading to Crash Site and entering via a passageway protected by a force field. The goal of this area is to reach this secret. Luckily, it’s very linear, and by just following the natural flow of the map, you’ll eventually reach the control room, which contains the Force Essence.

Zeffo Force Essence Secret 4

Area: Tomb of Eilram

You have to nab this essence after completing the Tomb of Eilram in Chapter 2. Take the elevator back down to the tomb from Windswept Room, and when you exit the elevator, head down to the room in the map above. You just need to get the ball into the socket in the middle of the room. You can do this by opening the portals around the room that emit wind, or you can use Force Push and Pull to get it into place. Once it’s in the socket, a hidden room will rise out of the floor, and you’ll find the Force Essence inside.