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Kingdom Hearts 3 Update 1.06 Patch Notes

A new update for Kingdom Hearts 3 has landed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. The recently released Kingdom Hearts 3 update version 1.06 is a very small update, and the 1.06 patch notes really don’t do much to explain what all has been changed. However, players will note a refreshed main menu layout, and perhaps even a fix to the game’s lock-on targeting system.

Kingdom Hearts 3 | Update version 1.06 patch notes

Kingdom Hearts 3 1.06 update patch notes

Kingdom Hearts 3 update version 1.06 is a very small update for the game. Given that the patch notes are brief, we’ll outline them immediately:

  • Title Menu has been updated
  • Various issues have been fixed

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It should go without saying that these kinds of patch notes don’t really give players the sort of details they might be hoping for. Unfortunately, it’s become increasingly common for developers to sweep the finer details under the rug.

Thankfully, stoic players across the internet have taken it upon themselves to poke around the game in order to find out what’s been changed. As it happens, there seem to be a few noteworthy adjustments that aren’t explicitly outlined in the brief patch notes featured above.

Kingdom Hearts 3 | Update version 1.06 changes

Details about these changes are the topic of a discussion over on the Kingdom Hearts subreddit as well as this GameFAQs thread on the subject. The first and most obvious change—the one referenced in “Title Menu has been updated”—includes the addition of the “Special” option to the game’s main menu. Following update version 1.06, this new option is where players will find the Theater mode, Memory Archive, and Tutorials.

Beyond this, players are speculating that the “various issues” that have been adjusted include a fix to the game’s lock-on system. Though not all players have experienced lock-on troubles, others have reported that the game had difficulty switching to intended targets, particularly across distances. Following patch 1.06, some players are saying the lock-on system seems to work across longer distances and can target enemies more smoothly in general.

There’s no telling what else was changed in Kingdom Hearts 3 update version 1.06. Patch notes like these don’t do much to satisfy players yearning for specific details. Still, it’s nice to know that the developers are continuing to work on making the game a more enjoyable experience overall.