Magic 2014 – Duels of the Planeswalkers Xbox360 Cheats


Title Unlocks

Alara Champion - Defeat every node on Alara.

Auramancer - Control a creature enchanted with three Auras you own.

Demonic Master - Control five Demons.

Herald of Angels - Have five Angels enter the battlefield under your control during a game.

Innistrad Champion - Defeat every node on Innistrad.

Lord of Leviathans - In a duel, control creatures with a combined power of 50.

Mage of Alabaster - Your favorite color is white.

Mage of Azure - Your favorite color is blue.

Mage of Crimson - Your favorite color is red.

Mage of Jade - Your favorite color is green.

Mage of Onyx - Your favorite color is black.

Master of the Planes - Complete the single-player campaign.

Necromancer - Control thirteen Zombies.

Phantom Mage - Win a game controlling only Illusions.

Puppet Master - Control a creature an opponent owns.

Ravnica Champion - Defeat every node on Ravnica.

Shandalar Champion - Defeat every node on Shandalar.

Sliver Hivelord - Win a game with the Sliver Hive deck.

Spellslinger - In a duel, use spells to deal 20 damage to your opponent.

The Annihilator - Cause an opponent to sacrifice five permanents in a single duel.

Zendikar Champion - Defeat every node on Zendikar.

Promotional Unlock Codes

Promo Card #01 - Enter GKSNDR

Promo Card #02 - Enter DWNNDR

Promo Card #03 - Enter FTHPTH

Promo Card #04 - Enter TRCKSC

Promo Card #05 - Enter PRSTTT

Promo Card #06 - Enter RSNGSN

Promo Card #07 - Enter XBXBDZ

Promo Card #08 - Enter PXPRMD

Promo Card #09 - Enter MGCCTN

Promo Card #10 - Enter JRHPRD

Masks Of The Dimir

Archaeomancer - 18th win

Archaeomancer - 9th win

Avatar of Will - 20th win

Consult the Necrosages - 11th win

Countersquall - 29th win

Diluvian Primordial - 26th win

Dinrova Horror - 28th win

Dire Undercurrents - 14th win

Doomsday Specter - 30th win

Evil Twin - 10th win

Fool's Demise - 17th win

Guardian of the Ages - 19th win

Hands of Binding - 24th win

Illusionary Armor - 13th win

Illusionary Armor - 4th win

Lobotomy - 15th win

Lobotomy - 2nd win

Mark of the Vampire - 6th win

Mental Vapors - 25th win

Mindleech Mass - 1st win

Ravenous Rats - 3rd win

Shadow Slice - 22nd win

Slate Street Ruffian - 21st win

Sleep - 5th win

Smog Elemental - 23rd win

Stolen Identity - 27th win

Threads of Disloyalty - 7th win

Threads of Disloyalty - 16th win

Treasure Hunt - 8th win

Vengeful Vampire - 12th win

Deck Awards: Sliver Hive

Armageddon - 12th win

Armageddon - 22nd win

Battle Sliver - 4th win

Bifurcate - 23rd win

Bifurcate - 7th win

Blur Sliver - 14th win

Bonescythe Sliver - 6th win

Faith's Fetters - 26th win

Faith's Fetters - 5th win

Faith's Fetters - 17th win

Fiery Justice - 25th win

Fiery Justice - 3rd win

Indestructibility - 21st win

Indestructibility - 2nd win

Indestructibility - 9th win

Lifeline - 18th win

Lifeline - 27th win

Lifeline - 13th win

Megantic Sliver - 1st win

Mirror Entity - 19th win

Path to Exile - 11th win

Predatory Sliver - 8th win

Savage Beating - 28th win

Shared Animosity - 10th win

Survival of the Fittest - 20th win

Thorncaster Sliver - 16th win

Titanic Ultimatum - 30th win

Unflinching Courage - 24th win

Wild Pair - 15th win

Wild Pair - 29th win

Deck Awards: Mind Maze

Æther Figment - 5th win

Æther Figment - 13th win

Ætherplasm - 27th win

Cancel - 2nd win

Chronozoa - 10th win

Counterspell - 28th win

Draining Whelk - 11th win

Gossamer Phantasm - 4th win

Halcyon Glaze - 19th win

Halcyon Glaze - 8th win

Illusory Angel - 25th win

Incursion Specialist - 24th win

Krovikan Mist - 20th win

Leyline Phantom - 23rd win

Lord of the Unreal - 9th win

Lord of the Unreal - 14th win

Lord of the Unreal - 17th win

Lord of the Unreal - 1st win

Omniscience - 30th win

Ovinize - 21st win

Ovinize - 29th win

Pantasmal Image - 7th win

Phantasmal Image - 16th win

Phantasmal Image - 12th win

Twincast - 22nd win

Unsummon - 3rd win

Unsummon - 18th win

Veiled Sentry - 15th win

Veiled Sentry - 6th win

Wistful Thinking - 26th win

Deck Awards: Hunter's Strength

Beastmaster Ascension - 26th win

Bellowing Tanglewurm - 27th win

Biorhythm - 25th win

Bramblebrush - 19th win

Brawn - 22nd win

Craterhoof Behemoth - 30th win

Elephant Guide - 16th win

Enlarge - 7th win

Eternal Witness - 9th win

Eternal Witness - 15th win

Fangren Firstborn - 23rd win

Leatherback Baloth - 8th win

Living Hive - 12th win

Master of the Wild Hunt - 1st win

Nature's Lore - 29th win

Nature's Lore - 21st win

Overrun - 6th win

Overwhelming Stampede - 24th win

Predator Ooze - 11th win

Prey Upon - 18th win

Primalcrux - 10th win

Rampaging Baloth - 20th win

Rancor - 5th win

Rancor - 17th win

Rancor - 28th win

Regal Force - 14th win

Revive - 4th win

Savage Summoning - 13th win

Staff of the Wild Magus - 3rd win

Wurmskin Forger - 2nd win

Deck Awards: Guardians Of Light

Angelic Destiny - 10th win

Armored Ascension - 25th win

Armored Ascension - 7th win

Aura of Silence - 19th win

Auratouched Mage - 4th win

Concerted Effort - 30th win

Daybreak Coronet - 16th win

Divine Deflection - 29th win

Divine Favor - 2nd win

Divine Favor - 12th win

Evangelize - 21st win

Final Judgment - 20th win

Guardian's Magemark - 13th win

Guardian's Magemark - 27th win

Idyllic Tutor - 23rd win

Idyllic Tutor - 17th win

Kor Spiritdancer - 8th win

Kor Spiritdancer - 28th win

Mesa Enchantress - 14th win

Mesa Enchantress - 5th win

Pacifism - 18th win

Pacifism - 6th win

Pariah - 22nd win

Retether - 26th win

Seasoned Marshal - 3rd win

Seraph of the Sword - 11th win

Sigil of the Empty Throne - 1st win

Three Dreams - 9th win

Totem-Guide Hartebeest - 15th win

Unquestioned Authority - 24th win

Deck Awards: Firewave

Browbeat - 18th win

Chandra's Spitfire - 20th win

Disintegrate - 21st win

Final Fortune - 26th win

Final Fortune - 22nd win

Fire Servant - 24th win

Fire Servant - 5th win

Fireshrieker - 8th win

Fireshrieker - 29th win

Fireshrieker - 16th win

Flame Slash - 19th win

Flamebreak - 6th win

Flames of the Firebrand - 17th win

Furnace of Rath - 9th win

Grim Lavamancer - 14th win

Grim Lavamancer - 7th win

Hostility - 30th win

Inferno - 1st win

Inferno Titan - 10th win

Kiln Fiend - 13th win

Kiln Fiend - 4th win

Kiln Fiend - 23rd win

Lava Axe - 2nd win

Reverberate - 25th win

Seismic Assault - 12th win

Staff of the Flame Magus - 3rd win

Stalking Vengeance - 28th win

Sulfuric Vortex - 15th win

Sulfurice Vortex - 27th win

Wild Guess - 11th win

Deck Awards: Enter The Dracomancer

Artifact Mutation - 27th win

Banefire - 23rd win

Bloodbraid Elf - 24th win

Borderland Ranger - 4th win

Broodmate Dragon - 20th win

Consume Strength - 21st win

Crucible of Fire - 13th win

Crucible of Fire - 6th win

Dragon Breath - 19th win

Dragon Broodmother - 30th win

Dragon Fangs - 3rd win

Dragon Roost - 11th win

Dragonlair Spider - 25th win

Dragonspeaker Shaman - 16th win

Dragonspeaker Shaman - 12th win

Form of the Dragon - 1st win

Hellkite Hatchling - 8th win

Jund Battlemage - 15th win

Kaarthus, Tyrant of Jund - 10th win

Maelstrom Pulse - 17th win

Maelstrom Pulse - 9th win

Maelstrom Pulse - 28th win

Ogre Battledriver - 18th win

Penumbra Wurm - 29th win

Predator Dragon - 7th win

Sangrite Surge - 5th win

Spellbreaker Behemoth - 26th win

Torrent of Fire - 14th win

Torrent of Fire - 2nd win

Torrent of Fire - 22nd win

Deck Awards: Deadwalkers

Consuming Vapor - 27th win

Corrupt - 13th win

Corrupt - 18th win

Cruel Revival - 4th win

Death Baron - 30th win

Death Cloud - 26th win

Endless Ranks of the Dead - 9th win

Exhume - 23rd win

Farbog Boneflinger - 5th win

Geralf's Messenger - 16th win

Geralf's Messenger - 7th win

Grave Betrayal - 28th win

Grave Pact - 22nd win

Gravecrawler - 11th win

Gravecrawler - 6th win

Lord of the Undead - 19th win

Lord of the Undead - 8th win

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed - 10th win

Mutilate - 24th win

Nightmare - 15th win

Quest for the Gravelord - 17th win

Reanimate - 14th win

Rise of the Dark Realms - 20th win

Shrivel - 2nd win

Staff of the Death Magus - 12th win

Undead Warchief - 29th win

Undead Warchief - 21st win

Vampric Tutor - 25th win

Vial of Poison - 3rd win

Zombie Apocalypse - 1st win

Deck Awards: Chant Of Mul Daya

Artisan of Kozilek - 16th win

Bountiful Harvest - 2nd win

Bountiful Harvest - 13th win

Eldrazi Conscription - 7th win

Elvish Piper - 25th win

Elvish Piper - 20th win

Exploration - 29th win

Exploration - 22nd win

Explore - 5th win

Eye of Ugin - 12th win

Fierce Empath - 9th win

Green Sun's Zenith - 11th win

Into the Wilds - 4th win

Oracle of Mul Daya - 6th win

Pelakka Wurm - 17th win

Plow Under - 27th win

Primeval Titan - 1st win

Rites of Flourishing - 15th win

Rites of Flourishing - 14th win

Scute Mob - 10th win

Summoning Trap - 26th win

Tangle - 24th win

Tangle - 21st win

Terastodon - 8th win

Terastodon - 28th win

Tooth and Nail - 30th win

Vengevine - 19th win

Vigor - 23rd win

Woodborn Behemoth - 18th win

Woodborn Behemoth - 3rd win

Deck Awards: Avacyn's Glory

Angel's Mercy - 2nd win

Angelic Overseer - 9th win

Avacyn, Angel of Hope - 10th win

Baneslayer Angel - 16th win

Bonds of Faith - 18th win

Champion of the Parish - 12th win

Champion of the Parish - 6th win

Deathless Angel - 26th win

Devout Invocation - 20th win

Elite Inquisitor - 25th win

Fiend Hunter - 15th win

Gather the Townsfolk - 4th win

Grand Abolisher - 22nd win

Hallowed Burial - 24th win

Honor of the Pure - 5th win

Increasing Devotion - 19th win

Martyr's Bond - 27th win

Mentor of the Meek - 14th win

Mikaus, the Lunarch - 1st win

Restoration Angel - 23rd win

Ring of Three Wishes - 13th win

Seraph of Dawn - 17th win

Seraph of Dawn - 3rd win

Seraph of Dawn - 7th win

Soul Warden - 21st win

Soul Warden - 29th win

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben - 11th win

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben - 28th win

Thraben Doomsayer - 8th win

Twilight Shepherd - 30th win


Acquire the Sliver Fossil - Defeat the "Sliver Hive" deck in campaign mode. - Bronze

Burn Monster, Burn! - Lose the 'Angry Mob' encounter. - Bronze

Chandra's Ally - Defeat Ramaz. - Gold

Defeat Ramaz's Ally - Defeat the "Chant of Mul Daya" deck in campaign mode. - Bronze

Flawless Victory - Win a game without losing any life. - Bronze

In it to Win - Win 25 games. - Bronze

Lord of Foriys - Win a Two-Headed Giant game. - Bronze

Maestro of Sealed - Complete the Sealed campaign. - Silver

Masterful Strategist - Win a Multiplayer game. - Bronze

Recover the Scrying Shard - Defeat the "Enter the Dracomancer" deck in campaign mode. - Bronze

Sealed the Deal - Win a Sealed game. - Bronze

Secrets of the Dimir - Defeat the "Masks of the Dimir" deck in campaign mode. - Bronze

Skilled Tactician - Solve a Challenge. - Bronze

Spellbook Complete - Fully unlock one deck. - Bronze

Worthy Adversary - Defeat the "Avacyn's Glory" deck in campaign mode. - Bronze