Pokemon Sword and Shield Loto-ID Prizes | How to Win

If you’re familiar with past Pokemon games, you’ll know all about Loto-ID and the terrible odds of actually winning anything. It’s very much like the lottery in real life, though the winnings aren’t quite as life-changing. With that said, it’s worth checking the Pokemon Sword and Shield Loto-ID each day to see if you’re in luck, as the prizes are no doubt going to be awesome. If, however, you’re new to the series, and Pokemon Sword and Shield is your first time, worry not, for all shall be explained below!

How to win Pokemon Sword and Shield Loto-ID Prizes

Pokemon Sword and Shield Loto-ID Prizes

The Pokemon  Sword and Shield Loto-ID prizes can be won by matching that day’s winning ID with one of the IDs of your Pokemon. Each trainer has their own exclusive ID that gets assigned to all of the creatures that they capture. Without trading, you’ll just have that one ID and your chances of winning a Loto-ID Prize will be very slim. However, there is a way to increase the odds!

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If you’re hellbent on winning a Loto-ID prize, then you’re going to want to trade. Utilizing the game’s “Surprise Trade” function will allow you to keep trading Pokemon while enjoying the game. With each new trading partner you make, that’s a new ID added to the collection. The more unique users you trade with, the better the odds are of you winning.

In past games, the prize awarded was based on the number of digits the player matches. In the most recent games, one digit awarded Moomoo Milk, two digits earned the player a PP Up, three would secure a PP Max, four delivered a Rare Candy, and five digits would secure a Master Ball. In fact, across all games that include the Loto-ID system, five digits has always resulted in an extra Master Ball as a reward.

Below you can find the list of not yet confirmed, but estimated based on previous trends, Pokemon Sword and Shield Loto-ID prizes. (We shall work to confirm these as soon as possible.)

Pokemon Sword and Shield Loto-ID Prize List

  • One digit: Moomoo Milk
  • Two digits: PP Up
  • Three digits: PP Max
  • Four digits: Rare Candy
  • Five digits: Master Ball

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