Pokemon Sword and Shield | How to make money fast

There are a huge number of items that players can spend their hard-earned money in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Whether it’s some new clothing to help customize your character even further, or some items to help you in the heat of battle, or maybe even some additional Poke Balls to make sure you’ve got enough to catch ’em all, everybody wants more cash in their pockets. Thankfully, we’ve got some great tips on how to make money fast in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Invest early to maximize your reward!

How to make money fast in Pokemon Sword and Shield

How to make money fast in Pokemon Sword and Shield

While the usual way of earning money through defeating trainers is fine for affording staple items like Potions and Poke Balls, you’ll be wanting to take advantage of some in-game money-making schemes to really start raking in that cash.

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Amulet Coin

The Amulet Coin is found on the Motostoke Outskirts, which you’ll arrive at upon exiting Galar Mine No. 2. Simply head above the sign as soon as you exit to find the Amulet Coin.

Having a Pokemon hold the Amulet Coin. Each time that Pokemon participates in a trainer battle, you will earn double the cash reward.

Luck Incense

Luck Incense works in the same way as the Amulet Coin, doubling your money reward if you use a Pokemon that is holding it.

Available for 11,000 currency at the Hulbury marketplace, you can buy multiple Luck Incense. A pro-tip would be to equip your entire party with money-doubling items, guaranteeing you double the money at all times. Sure, this might cost you up to 66,000, but you’ll quickly make that back.

Big Nugget, Stardust, and other rare items

Pay attention to sparkling items on the ground. If you push “A” to pick them up, you’ll sometimes find a rare item that can be sold for big money. For example, the Big Nugget can fetch 20,000!

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