How to fix iOS Outlook data wipe bug

If you’re a regular iOS user, you might be experiencing some issues with your iOS Outlook app. Specifically, you might be coming across a data wipe error message stating that “your application data has been deleted by a mail administrator.” Here is everything we know about the iOS Outlook data wipe bug and how to fix it.

iOS Outlook Data Wipe Bug | Why was my data wiped?

If you’re experiencing the iOS Outlook data wipe bug, you’re not the only one. Tons of iOS users have sent in reports to Apple about their mailbox data being wiped after trying to check their email. If you’re like most, you’re constantly checking your email on the go and rely on it for day to day operations. So to see a message stating that all of your data was wiped can be quite scary. So, is there a fix?

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do except for wait. Tom Warren, senior editor at The Verge, has reported on Twitter that Microsoft is in fact aware of the problem and will be releasing an update (4.12.0) either later tonight or sometime tomorrow that should fix the iOS Outlook data wipe bug.

Some early reports of the data wipe bug date back to last weekend (November 10), when the message first appeared. Warren says in his tweet that this is the second time this has happened to him, and it is clear that he is not alone. If you haven’t experienced the error message yet, then it’s best to not open up your iOS Outlook app until Microsoft has released the update to fix the bug.

It remains unclear what exactly the update will address or if the data will be able to be recovered. Hopefully everything will be able to go back to normal after the update is pushed, however, we will have to wait to see before we can say for sure.