Pokemon Sword and Shield Hidden Abilities | How to get

If you’re a longstanding Pokemon fan, you might’ve encountered Hidden Abilities in previous games on the Nintendo DS and 3DS. With the latest Game Freak title in the mainline Pokemon series now making its debut on Nintendo Switch, many players are finding themselves wondering about Pokemon Sword and Shield Hidden Abilities. Are they in the game? If they are, how do you get them? Keep reading to have all your questions answered.

How to unlock Hidden Abilities in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield Hidden Abilities

Many Pokemon have possessed Hidden Abilities for a while now, though while your existing Pokemon could tap into these in the past, the method of securing them is now quite different. Players will need to make their way to the all-new Wild Area introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield and take note of the rock formations found scattered about the place. These are Raid Dens, and you need to search for one that’s emitting a tall beam of red light before approaching it.

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Interact with the Raid Den and then trigger its Max Raid battle, which you can tackle alongside friends, random online players, or A.I. teammates. If you can defeat the challenging Pokemon that awaits you, you’ll be afforded an opportunity to capture the creature with a Pokeball. You only get one chance, so be sure to use one that’ll give you a better chance of success, for example, a Great Ball or one that’s catered to the specific type (Grass-type, Water-type, etc.) of Pokemon you’re attempting to capture.

If you’re successful, there’s a random chance as to whether or not your new Pokemon companion will boast a Hidden Ability. Whether they do or don’t, Max Raids tend to pay out handsome rewards, so all is not lost if the grind for Pokemon with Hidden Abilities continues.

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