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Football Manager 2020 20.1.4 Update Patch Notes

Every day is a match day with Football Manager 2020, so it’s great to see that Sports Interactive is focused on improving its recently released football simulation game. After a recent hotfix that solved the conspicuous case of football players with messed up hidden attributes, the Football Manager 2020 20.1.4 update has just dropped, and brings closure to that critical issue. However, it also fixes another problem that was affecting the outcome of the matches, so read on to know all about it.

Football Manager 2020 20.1.4 Update Patch Notes | Highlights

Football Manager 2020 20.1.4 Update Patch Notes

As you may recall, Football Manager 2020 launched a few days ago with an issue that severely detracted from gameplay. Instead of featuring the correct ratings for hidden attributes, it garbled these up and directly affected the flow of the game.

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Football Manager 2020 comes with six hidden attributes. While you don’t have a surefire way to learn the precise values for each player, your coaches and scouts usually give you a few hints that could point you in the right direction. The hidden attributes are:

  • Adaptability: This attribute refers to the difficulty that a player feels while adapting to a new league and country.
  • Consistency: How likely a player is to perform in a consistent way.
  • Dirtiness: How dirty a player is willing to go, committing more fouls to gain an advantage.
  • Important Matches: This rating affects the way that a player faces high pressure matches.
  • Injury proneness: How likely a player is to suffer an injury during a match or training.
  • Versatility: How well a player performs in positions that he isn’t entirely familiar with.

This fix updates the hidden attributes for pre-existing save games, enabling players to pick up from where they left. The Football Manager 2020 20.1.4 update’s second fix decreases the number of penalties that the referees would mistakenly concede, something that in a way ended up accurately mirroring quite a few football matches.

Football Manager 2020 20.1.4 Update | Full Patch Notes

  • Fix updating hidden attributes and determination to be within correct scale (for pre-existing save games)*
  • Decreased the number of penalties being given mistakenly by in-match officials

* This issue only impacted saves created in version 20.1.0 and 20.1.2, so only these will have attribute changes. If within your save game you altered any of the affected attributes with the in-game editor, these will be re-altered by this fix.