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Modern Warfare ADS | What are ADS kills?

There is a bunch of different terminology in Modern Warfarewhich can quickly get confusing if you don’t know exactly what it means. One particular term has some players confused and trying to figure out exactly what it means is ADS. So, what does Modern Warfare ADS stand for and what are ADS kills?

Modern Warfare ADS | What does ADS stand for?

Modern Warfare ADS | What are ADS kills?

Completing challenges involving Modern Warfare ADS can be pretty difficult if you don’t know exactly what it stands for. Thankfully, it’s actually pretty simple and not confusing at all once you know what it means. In Modern Warfare, ADS stands for “Aim Down Sights.”

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As you might have gathered from the name, if you come across a challenge that instructs you to get ADS kills, you’ll simply need to kill an enemy while aiming down your sights. This can be done with any kind of weapon and any kind of sights. However, some will obviously be easier than others depending on your game mode and map.

If you prefer to hang back from the crowd, you might want to use a sniper scope. However, if you prefer to be up close and in the middle of fast-paced action, then you might want to put your reticle of choice on a shotgun and get an ADS kill that way. The choice is yours.

The only thing to note with getting ADS kills in Modern Warfare is that you’ll need to complete the full kill while aiming down sights. If you’re scoped in on someone and land a hit, but then kill them without looking down your sight, it’s not going to count. So make sure that you’re locked in with your sight for the whole kill and you’ll be good to go.