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How to get a Modern Warfare Quad Feed Kill

There are tons of different challenges and objectives in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for players to complete. One of them, known as a Quad Feed Kill, can be quite confusing — and challenging — to accomplish. So we’ve put together a short guide that will tell you how to get a Modern Warfare Quad Feed Kill.

How to get a Modern Warfare Quad Feed Kill

How to get a Modern Warfare Quad Feed Kill

If you’ve been playing Modern Warfare for some time now, then you’re likely familiar with the term “Quad Feed Kill.” If you’re not, we will explain. Essentially, a Quad Feed Kill is when your name appears within the on-screen kill feed four times. As you likely know, the on-screen feed is constantly changing, so earning one will require players to get four quick kills.

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Aside from a stroke of luck, figuring out how to get a Modern Warfare Quad Feed Kill can be a little tricky sometimes, but we have some tips that should help you out a great deal. A Redditor on r/ModernWarfare asked their fellow players for some advice, and the biggest tip seemed to be to play on the Shoot House map. This is by far the best choice to try and earn a Quad Feed Kill because the map is designed to encourage fast-paced play.

Additionally, if you can earn a Chopper Gunner, it’ll make your life a whole lot easier. This is a killstreak reward that can be earned after getting 10 consecutive kills in a match. Further, if you use the Kill Chain perk to call in a care package, you can cross your fingers and hope that you get a Chopper Gunner from that. There are also many other killstreaks (like airstrikes) that can get you many kills quickly. You’ll just have to luck out and hope the enemy team is all bunched up.

However, if that’s not your style of play, you can also just grab your weapon of choice and get to shooting quickly. Your best bet is going to be to hang out in the middle of the action and pick off enemies or using a shotgun to rush a group. All of these are risky, which is exactly why getting a quad kill is so difficult.