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Pokemon Sword and Shield Ribbon List | How to unlock

If you want to show how good you are at Pokemon to your friends and foes, you can equip Pokemon Sword and Shield Ribbons. Unfortunately, getting hold of Ribbons in the new Pokemon games can be quite difficult. Thankfully, though, this Pokemon Sword and Shield Ribbon list guide will run you through the complete list of known Ribbons in Sword and Shield and how you can unlock them. Read on to discover the complete list of Ribbons and what titles they’ll give to your Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Ribbon List | How to unlock

Pokemon Sword and Shield Ribbon list

Before we let you in on what all the known Ribbons in Pokemon Sword and Shield are, we thought we should let you know how to unlock them. It’s simple, fortunately. You unlock Ribbons by achieving certain things with Pokemon. You will unlock the Tower Master Ribbon for defeating Leon in the Battle Tower, for example. Once you have unlocked a Ribbon, you can give it to a Pokemon to award it a title whenever you throw it into a battle. The Tower Master Ribbon, for example, should give a message such as “Go for it, Tower Master Magikarp!”

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We’ve got a fully-fledged guide on how to unlock and equip Ribbons. Head there to discover exactly what to do with any Ribbons you unlock. Below, you can read through the complete list of currently known Ribbons in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Ribbon list | Complete list

Pokemon Sword and Shield Ribbon list

There are two different kinds of Ribbons in Pokemon Sword and Shield: Ribbons you can unlock by playing the games, and Ribbons you can unlock via transferring Pokemon to Sword and Shield (whenever that becomes available). We’ll begin the list by letting you know what Ribbons there are to unlock while playing Sword and Shield. In the list below, we’ve got the name of the Ribbon, the title it should give you, and how you should be able to unlock it.

You should be able to unlock the following Ribbons to equip while playing Pokemon Sword and Shield (via Serebii):

  • Best Friends Ribbon | the Great Friend | Show the boy in Hammerlocke a Pokemon with maximum Happiness
  • Birthday Ribbon | the Best Buddy | Event Pokemon (commemorates a birthday)
  • Classic Ribbon | the Pokemon Fan | Event Pokemon (proclaims love for Pokemon)
  • Effort Ribbon | the Once Well-Trained | Show the girl in Hammerlocke a Pokemon with maximum EVs
  • Event Ribbon | the Festive | Event Pokemon (awarded for taking part in a special Pokemon event)
  • Galar Champion Ribbon | the Galar Champion | Complete the Champion Cup to unlock
  • Master Rank Ribbon | the Rank Master | Defeat a Ranked Battle Master Ball tier trainer
  • Premier Ribbon | the Celebratory | Event Pokemon (awarded for a special holiday)
  • Souvenir Ribbon | the Cherished | Event Pokemon (cherishing a special memory)
  • Special Ribbon | the Premium | Event Pokemon (special Ribbon for a special day)
  • Tower Master Ribbon | the Tower Master | Defeat Leon in the Battle Tower higher tiers
  • Whishing Ribbon | the Wish Granter | Event Pokemon (a Ribbon said to make your wish come true)

The following Ribbons can only be unlocked through transferring Pokemon who already have these Ribbons from previous games. You should be able to apply these Ribbons once transferring old Pokemon via Pokemon Home is introduced into Sword and Shield.

  • Alert Ribbon | the Once Vigilant
  • Alola Champion Ribbon | the Alola Champion
  • Artist Ribbon | the Model for Paintings
  • Battle Champion Ribbon | the Battle Champion
  • Battle Memory Ribbon | the Exciting Memory
  • Battle Royal Master Ribbon | the Royal Master
  • Battle Tree Great Ribbon | the Tree Victor
  • Battle Tree Master Ribbon | the Tree Master
  • Beauty Master Ribbon | the Vintage Ribbon
  • Best Friends Ribbon | the Great Friend
  • Careless Ribbon | the Once Imperfect
  • Champion Ribbon | the Champion
  • Cleverness Master Ribbon | the Historic Genius
  • Contest Memory Ribbon | the Treasured Memory
  • Contest Star Ribbon | the Shining Star
  • Coolness Master Ribbon | the Former Star
  • Country Ribbon | the Victor
  • cuteness Master Ribbon | the Former Idol
  • Downcast Ribbon | the Once Shaken
  • Earth Ribbon | the 100x Victorious
  • Effort Ribbon | the Once Well-Trained
  • Expert Battler Ribbon | the Master
  • Footprint Ribbon | the Strutter
  • Gorgeous Ribbon | the Gorgeous
  • Gorgeous Royal Ribbon | the Gorgeous Royal
  • Hoenn Champion Ribbon | the Hoenn Champion
  • Kalos Champion Ribbon | the Kalos Champion
  • Legend Ribbon | the Living Legend
  • National Champion Ribbon | the National Champion
  • National Ribbon | the Triumphant
  • Record Ribbon | the Record Holder
  • Regional Champion Ribbon | the Regional Champion
  • Relax Ribbon | the Once Well-Rested
  • Royal Ribbon | the Royal
  • Shock Ribbon | the Once Cowardly
  • Sinnoh Champion Ribbon | the Sinnoh Champion
  • Skillful Battler Ribbon | the Veteran
  • Smile Ribbon | the Once Cheery
  • Snooze Ribbon | the Once Sleepy
  • Toughness Master Ribbon | the Formerly Buff
  • Training Ribbon | the Tried and True
  • World Champion Ribbon | the World Champion
  • World Ribbon | the World Conqueror

Now you know the complete Pokemon Sword and Shield Ribbon list, it’s time to get out there and unlock those Ribbons. Time to show off to your friends just how good you are at Sword and Shield.

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