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Death Stranding 1.06 Update Patch Notes

A brand-new Death Stranding update is available to download and install right now. Skip to the end of this guide to read through the complete list of the Death Stranding 1.06 update patch notes. As Kojima likes to keep a veil of mystery surrounding Death Stranding, however, its version 1.06 patch notes are slim and vague. Despite this, you can read through the 1.06 update highlights below, to try and garner a better understanding of what’s been improved in the new update to Kojima’s latest.

Death Stranding 1.06 Update Highlights

Death Stranding 1.06 update

As stated above, there isn’t too much to tell you about when it comes to the latest Death Stranding update. There are just two patch notes here, which you can see at the end of this guide. Despite the small nature of the update, however, version 1.06 is a relatively large update in terms of its download size. Version 1.06 weighs in at 1.049 GB. You will need to make sure you have this space available on your PS4’s hard-drive before you install the update.

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Both of the patch notes pertain to improvements to Death Stranding. We have newly-optimized network functionality and various performance improvements. Death Stranding should, therefore, fun a little better following its 1.06 update.

It’s worth noting, too, that the update will kick you out of any online gameplay session. You will need to update the game, too, to make use of any of the game’s various online features. We don’t know exactly what optimizations have taken place, but they are enough so that you will need to update the game to use it online in any way. Read on for the full list of patch notes.

Death Stranding 1.06 Update Patch Notes

Death Stranding 1.06 update

The full list of Death Stranding 1.06 update patch notes is as follows, as per the game’s update history on PS4:

  • Optimized network functionality
  • Various performance improvements