Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Easter Eggs Guide

The release of the Call of Duty Mobile Zombies brought a great new game mode to Activision’s portable shooter. The new Shi No Numa map brings the fight against the infected, but also some Easter eggs for you to discover. This Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Easter eggs guide will tell you all that you need to do to beat these challenges.

Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Easter Eggs Guide | Locations and Rewards

Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Easter Eggs Guide

Death Machine Easter Egg

The Death Machine is a powerful machine gun that will change the way you mow down zombies. To get this awesome power-up, you must shoot frying pans, for some reason. Here are all the steps:

  • Enter the Fishing Hut
  • Shoot the four frying pans in any order you want. Look for them hanging up on the walls in the room.
  • This has caused five plants to spawn outside of the fishing hut. Three of them are near the bridge and the remaining two are right after crossing the bridge.
  • The Death Machine power-up will spawn from the last plant.

Teddy Bear Easter Egg Locations

You can find four teddy bears on the Shi No Numa map. Shooting them will make the teddy bears disappear, but currently this doesn’t seem to reward you in any way. Perhaps this is the first part of a more elaborate Easter egg? Here are all the locations of the teddy bears.

  • Storage Hut: As you enter, look on the window on the right.
  • Comm Room: Go to the window on the right side and shoot the bear outside.
  • Fishing Hut: Head over to the balcony, the bear is outside.
  • Doctor’s Quarters: Left window at the back, hidden in the bushes (lower your graphic settings if you can’t see it).

Radio Easter Egg Locations

Just the same as the Teddy Bear Easter eggs, destroying the radios doesn’t earn you any reward. However, it is a step that you need to complete in order to fight the secret boss.

  • Shoot one radio in each of the four huts.
  • A fifth radio is in the machine room, to the right of the console that you activate during the Jubokko Easter egg.

Max Ammo Blue Skulls Easter Egg

You can get a free Max Ammo power-up by completing a simple Easter egg that would make Skeletor proud.

  • Go to the Storage Hut and shoot the blue rock to spawn blue skulls.
  • Kill all the blue skulls or leave the hut and return to pick up the Max Ammo power-up.

Boss Fight Easter Egg (Hardcore Raid Only)

There is a huge mutated tree boss fight waiting for you, but only in Hardcore Raid difficulty. Follow these steps to enter the battle:

  • In the main hut’s bottom floor, find two gear parts. They can be in random locations, so make sure you check the shelves, tables, and boxes. If you can’t find them there, go to the top floor and look for the gears on the ground.
  • Repair the elevator upstairs by using the electrical box.
  • Ride the elevator down and read the top-secret document on the table.
  • Shoot all the blue plants in the same room until you hear a motor running.
  • Head over to the machine room and start the machine on the table.