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WoW Battle for Azeroth | Nazjatar PvP Guide

WoW Battle for Nazjatar is a War Mode battle event in the Nazjatar zone introduced in World of Warcraft Patch 8.2. It is the largest battleground in all of WoW. It is available to level 120 players who have completed the entry questline.

Victory in the Battle for Nazjatar provides significant, compelling rewards: Honor, Conquest, Prismatic Manapearls as well as the unique Nazjatar Battle Commendations that can purchase many powerful upgrades. The only limit on the number of players and their Nazjatar Battle Companions are Blizzard’s server capacity! As a result, entire guilds and communities can participate and gear up through the many reward systems provided!

Battle for Nazjatar is one of the best ways to achieve your weekly Conquest cap, farm Honor and provide character tradeable benthic gear for your mains and alternate characters! In addition, participation provides access to several powerful essences for your Heart of Azeroth and Nazjatar’s reputation!

WoW Battle for Nazjatar Requirements

Battle for Nazjatar takes place in the Nazjatar zone, requiring completion of the Wolf’s Offensive (Alliance) or The Warchief’s Order (Horde) in order to access. These quests are part of the main faction storyline. Once in Nazjatar, a series of eight quests will be provided to open up flight paths and points of interest in Nazjatar. Flying is also enabled in Nazjatar, providing for a significant mobility advantage to those who have unlocked the ability.

The Battle

The Battle for Nazjatar consists of fighting the opposing faction for the control of five battlefield capturable flag locations listed below:

  • Ala’thir (North Western Battlefield Flag)
  • Tidal Conflux (Central Battlefield Flag)
  • Zin-Azshari (North Eastern Battlefield Flag)
  • Lemor’athra (Eastern Battlefield Flag)
  • Thoras’tal (Southern Battlefield Flag)

Each flag captured provides a 5 percent damage bonus stacking up to three times for a %15 percent bonus.

Victory Conditions

The faction to reach 3000 victory points or the highest score after 45 minutes will win!

Victory points are earned by killing enemy players and controlling battlefield flags.

Control over Battlefield Flags is obtained by killing enemy players nearby and holding the area around the flag.

You must be dismounted in order to gain credit for control of the battlefield flag.

All players with gold coin credit buff obtained from engaging in PVP or capturing flags will receive rewards at Battle Completion.

Preparing for Battle

Appropriate PVP class specializations for larger team fights are recommended in the Battle for Nazjatar.

Make sure to enlist the help of your combat companion located near the entrance of the Horde and Alliance Bases. They provide an enormous advantage in PVP, particularly when fully leveled up!

Battles between multiple Alliance and Horde raid groups are common on a daily basis. With a raid cap of 40 players per raid group the Battle for Nazjatar routinely involves several hundred players. There is a soft cap of approximately 240 players per phase of Battle for Nazjatar three raid groups versus three raid groups.

Due to the potential for a large scale of fighting in Battle for Nazjatar, it is highly recommended that players look for groups in the Custom PVP Group Finder in order to join a raid group!

Join a PVP Community!

Nearly unlimited numbers of players can participate in each phase of the Battle for Nazjatar. Make sure that you have a strong team to fight alongside! Join a War Mode Battle for Nazjatar Community to find groups through the Custom PVP Group Finder.

Traditional PVP focused guilds specializing in War Mode and Battle for Nazjatar can significantly improve your chances for victory.


Appropriate PVP consumables provide an enormous advantage in the Battle for Nazjatar. Healing potions, healthstones provided by warlocks and appropriate player buffs are standard issues for successful groups in Battle for Nazjatar. PVP Essences for maximum area of effect damage and healing are particularly beneficial in the battle for Nazjatar.  Nazjatar zone combat consumables are very powerful: Deepcoral Pods and Mudrwaps should be collected prior to and using during Battles.

Battle Flags

Phalanx Defense: Powerful AOE damage reduction for your team.

Freedom: Reduces crowd controlling effect duration.


Most organized, successful PVP groups in Battle for Nazjatar are using some form of voice communication either through Discord, the Blizzard in-game system or Twitch to coordinate the movement of their teams across the zone.  Written instructions in /1 general chat are critical to providing information on enemy numbers at different battle flag locations to allies in the zone!

Useful Mods

  • Healers Have to Die – Places a Red Cross over enemy healers for easier targeting, useful in larger fights involving many players.
  • Weiz PVP – provides accurate enemy player nearby scans as well as targeting.


You will require a strong team to achieve victory in Battle for Nazjatar. Due to the Massive Multiplayer nature of the battle in which multiple raid groups are often engaged across the zone (and additional phases of the zone), it is critical that individual players join groups in the custom PVP Group Finder or those provided by organized guild and War Mode Communities. A solo player in the zone will be extremely limited in their ability to contribute to the outcome of the battle.

Learning to work well and contribute as part of a larger team is critical to success!


There are five capture locations in the Battle for Nazjatar. Scouting locations to determine the number of enemy players at a location is required in order to determine an appropriate response to counter them. Having too many or too few players the successfully take or hold a position

Accurate visual and modification supported scouting of locations is critical to determining what force will be required to take or defend a battlefield position.

Effective communication of enemy players and appropriate reinforcements required for each position is absolutely essential in Battle for Nazjatar.


There are multiple versions of Battle for Nazjatar active at once in different phases. All battles start at the same time.

Expect each phase of Battle for Nazjatar to have significant resistance. Some phases will be underpopulated, however, it is possible for any player to reinforce the phase by simply opening a group finder raid that can very rapidly fill to an additional 40 players. If multiple players open groups very large battles involving hundreds of players are possible.

Play as a Team

Raid groups are the most common group format in Battle for Nazjatar. Stick with your group to be in the range of heals, buffs and battle flags! Move as a unit, make sure you have sufficient players to successfully engage and beat defenders or attackers at any of the battlefield objectives!

PvP is situational awareness. Knowing where and when to be at a location is a skill that will require time and practice. Making judgment calls about the strength, coordination and gear level of enemy players is essential when determining how many reinforcements are necessary. It means that every battle is different, every player is different and this means you must adapt on the fly. It is imperative to follow the leader’s instructions. Deviation from instructions can kill you and your entire raid team, let alone threaten the entire operation.


Battle for Nazjatar awards unique Battle for Nazjatar commendations that provide access to rewards available in the faction bases Mezzamere – Alliance and New Home – Horde. A victory in Battle for Nazjatar awards 100 conquest points and five Nazjatar Battle Commendations. Even a loss still provides a single Nazjatar Battle Commendation and 20 Conquest.

  • 5 Nazjatar Battle Commendations (currency)
  • 300 Honor
  • 50 Conquest
  • 500 Reputation with your Faction’s Nazjatar expedition

Benthic Gear

Benthic Gear is available from Voidbender Zorlan in Newhome (Horde) or Voidbinder Sturzah in Mezzamere (Alliance). The gear is purchased with Manapearls that you will collect as you explore Nazjatar. 10 Manapearls are awarded per character per day for wins in Battle for Nazjatar. Along with World Quests in Nazjatar which award this currency the Battle For Nazjatar is one of the best ways to gear fresh 120s!

Benthic Gear Tokens may be mailed to any characters on your account!