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Man of Medan Friend’s Pass Guide | How to play co-op for free

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan gave gamers a spooky old time when it launched in the summer of 2019, and now owners of the game can invite a friend to share the experience alongside them. The whole process can be a little convoluted, however, so we come bearing a Man of Medan Friend’s Pass guide to help you and yours wrap your heads around it.

What is the Man of Medan Friend’s Pass?

Man of Medan Friend's Pass guide

Man of Medan developer Supermassive Games (Until Dawn) has launched a limited-time Friend’s Pass offer. The Friend’s Pass enables owners of the horror title to invite a buddy that hasn’t purchased it to play alongside them for one complete playthrough. If you already own Man of Medan or buy a copy before January 6, 2020, you’re eligible for the offer and will receive a free Friend’s Pass.

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Although it hasn’t been confirmed, it seems like individual passes may be purchasable standalone thereafter.

How to play co-op with the Man of Medan Friend’s Pass on PS4 and Xbox One

Man of Medan Friend's Pass guide

Should you and your pals play together on either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you’ll need to follow this process. Both the Xbox and PlayStation digital storefronts now stock a Man of Medan Free Trial that any player who doesn’t own the game must first download. After that’s done and dusted, the person that owns the full version of the game will need to invite the Free Trial owner to a Shared Story Mode session.

How to play co-op with the Man of Medan Friend’s Pass on PC

Man of Medan Friend's Pass guide

If you’re looking to play Friend’s Pass co-op via Steam instead, there’s a little more to consider. After downloading the latest update, Man of Medan owners should notice that there’s now a Friend’s Pass App available to them. Open that sucker up and you’ll get a key that can then be given to a friend for them to redeem via the Steam client. After their download is complete, the owner of the full game needs to launch a Shared Story Mode session and invite the same player they initially sent the key to.