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Hunt Showdown 1.1.3 Update Patch Notes Test Server

The Hunt Showdown 1.1.3 update just hit the test server and Crytek is trying to fight the dreaded camping syndrome. Instead of cracking down on campers and punishing them for repeated offenses, the devs are encouraging players to keep moving and rewarding them for completing the mission in a timely manner. Forget about that unnerving defensive stance; get a move on and be rewarded for your practical attitude. This is just one change coming with the new patch, so let’s see what else is there.

Hunt Showdown 1.1.3 Update Patch Notes Test Server | Anti-Camping and New Weapons

Hunt Showdown 1.1.3 Update Patch Notes Test Server

There are some loadout changes to Hunters, with four Tool and four Consumable slots. This is one of the changes brought forward by the anti-camping package, meant to incentivize players by getting a move on and collect better loot.

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Sounds were tweaked to lessen camping as well, with the changes revealing themselves as you approach a boss compound. At a certain distance, you’ll hear the boss whisper to you, and all other Hunters within that range will be able to hear it. As someone slays the boss, the whisper stops. This serves as a warning and should help you realize if a boss compound is being camped by other players.

The Hunters are a more diverse bunch now, with many variations added to female characters, and a couple of new faces finding their way into the assortment. A nice touch to the first-person view consists of the female Hunters’ arms now displaying a full set of rings, bracelets, and sleeves. Fight other players and Lovecraftian monstrosities, but don’t forget to wear a shiny ring with a matching bracelet while you do it.

Two new legendary Hunters are introduced, The Mountain Man and Marshall Brewer, along with two legendary weapons, Lebel Marksman “Zorngeist” and Dolch Precision “Griffin”. You can find two new weapons in the store, each one with a few variants.

Hunt Showdown is an acclaimed PvP shooter with PvE elements from the makers of Crysis. The last game of the series was released in 2013 and a Crysis 4 might draw a lot of attention, but there is no official news so far.

Hunt Showdown 1.1.3 Update | Full Patch Notes

Hunt Showdown 1.1.3 Update Patch Notes Test Server


New Weapons

Springfield 1866

  • New medium ammo, early game one-shot rifle
  • The Springfield 1866 is, in essence, a converted Civil War-era musket that can now fire cartridges through a trapdoor mechanism, loading from the top
  • It’s available from the start, giving players the option to choose between the Romero 77 (short-range), Winfield 1873C (mid-range) and the Springfield 1866 (long-range)
  • The weapon comes with four variants:
    • Springfield 1866 Marksman – fitted with a medium scope for sniping
    • Springfield 1866 Compact – sawn-off version that takes a medium slot only
    • Springfield 1866 Compact Striker – sawn-off version with an attached knife for both regular and heavy melee attacks
    • Springfield 1866 Compact Deadeye – sawn-off version with an attached short scope that will have increased sway, due to the stock missing for stabilization

Martini-Henry IC1

  • New long ammo, early game one-shot rifle
  • The Martini-Henry IC1 is the shortened version of the British service rifle, intended for cavalry and artillery units mainly.
  • Martini-Henry rifles have a faster reload and consequently a higher rate of fire than the Sparks LRR, however it fires a heavy and slow black powder cartridge with slightly less power that makes it less reliable at range than its cousin
  • The weapon unlocks early and is an alternative pick for the Sparks LRR in a similar way as the Lebel 1886 and Mosin-Nagant M1891 share a similar role, each having their pros and cons
  • The weapon comes with two variants:
    • Martini-Henry IC1 Deadeye – fitted with a short scope for accurate fire at medium range
    • Martini-Henry IC1 Riposte – melee version with a mounted powerful saber bayonet that is used for both regular and heavy melee attacks

Anti-Camping Package

  • This update includes a number of changes aiming at encouraging players to be more active and more likely to move around the map instead of playing overly defensive.
  • There isn’t a single change that is the silver bullet to achieve this, but a number of smaller steps in different areas of the game to provoke players to adjust their playstyle somewhat
  • The changes aim to address the following three points:
    • Give more options to players to resolve stalemates and push through a camping situation successfully
      • Give them access to more gear and allow to replenish gear in the mission
    • Make it easier for players to understand when they are running into a camping situation
      • New sounds when approaching a boss, depending on whether he is idle, contested or already dead
    • Reward player for completing the mission and extracting with bounty in a timely manner
      • A new accolade card that yields extra bounty for every minute left in the mission after extracting with a bounty
    • The exact details to achieve this can be found in the respective areas in the update notes further below.

New Legendary Content


  • Legendary Lebel 1886 Marksman
  • Named for Hunter Michael Zorngeist, who haunted the Bayou for years, this Lebel is known— like its owner — for being versatile, playful, and dangerous.


  • Legendary Dolch 96 Precision “C”
  • This unique Dolch is the notorious weapon of a fiercely bearded hunter. Far from humble beginnings in Bavaria, in the bayou, he’s known to don his cowhide hat each day after killing a man. Rarely a day goes by bareheaded.

Marshall Brewer

  • Phoebe Brewer, the first Louisianan woman to become a US Marshall, faced a terrible choice when she became a Hunter: to renounce a lifetime’s work. But, there was only one way into the AHA’s inner circle, and only one way to fight the evil lurking there.It lost her an eye, her sobriety, and her public image, but her unknown legacy of fighting evil at its strongest was a price worth paying.

The Mountain Man

  • Thomas Bridge was one of many Mountain Men to open up the American frontier. He turned his back on civilization after escaping a burning mill sieged by five hundred insurrectionists. Since, he can only sleep under a night sky and counts trapping, scouting and bounty hunting as his trades. An association with an unholy trinity almost ended his hunting career, although if anyone was to survive their company, it was Bridge.

General Updates



  • Increased distance for weapons to allow killing Hellhounds with a single headshot


  • Machete: normal melee attack damage increased from 60 to 90, heavy melee attack damage from 120 to 135
  • Cavalry Saber: normal melee attack damage increased from 52 to 82


Loadout Changes

  • Hunters now come with all 4 Tool and 4 Consumable slots by default. [Anti-camping Package]
    • The two traits (Packmule and Frontiersman) that previously gave Hunters the respective fourth slot have been redesigned (see below!)
    • This also applies for Quickplay, where Hunters can now collect up to 4 Tools and 4 Consumables and possible win a fully equipped Soul Survivor.
  • Looting a hunter now also has a chance to give a random consumable, if there is a free slot in their inventory. [Anti-camping Package]
  • Consumables received that way usually are of an offensive nature, like Flash Bomb, Dynamite or Hive Bomb, but not items like Concertina Bomb or Poison Bomb

Trait Rework

  • Packmule: Looting item box and finding new consumables while looting hunter will now provide 2 consumables if possible. (only applies when getting new consumables, not for money) [Anti-camping Package]
  • Frontiersman: Tools with charges now come with one additional charge at the start of the mission [Anti-camping Package]

New Hunter Variations

  • Added one additional tier 1 female Hunter variation
  • Added four additional tier 2 female Hunter variations
  • Added two additional tier 3 female Hunter variations
  • Two additional unique faces added that are used by some of the new female Hunter variations
  • First-person arms of female Hunters now include rings, bracelets, and sleeves

Bounty Hunt

  • Hunters that are close to a Boss compound (<80m) will now be able to hear the demon essence of the boss whisper to them. [Anti-camping Package]
    • At half the range (<40m) the whisper will become more aggressive as the Boss reacts to the Hunters’ presence
    • If any Hunter triggers the aggressive whisper, it can be heard by all other Hunters in range to hear any whispering (<80m)
    • When the Boss is slain, the whisper stops immediately, giving a warning that something is wrong when approaching
  • So, in essence, by listening closely an approaching hunter can perceive whether other hunters are nearby and avoid running headless into a camped Boss compound.


  • The weapon crates have been expanded to include all new weapons and have been optimized to be more consistent, changing the distribution and spawn chances of equipment slightly


Extraction Bonus:

  • Added new accolade card in summary screen that yields a bonus for every remaining minute of the mission. [Anti-camping Package]
    • The faster the bounty token is extracted, the more bonus bounty is rewarded.

Trait changes:

  • Dauntless reduced from 2 to 1
  • Tomahawk reduced from 2 to 1
  • Iron Repeater from 3 to 2
  • Lightfoot increased from 3 to 5
  • Physician increased from 3 to 5
  • Poacher reduced from 3 to 2
  • Frontierman increased from 3 to 8
  • Mithradist reduced from 4 to 3
  • Steady Aim reduced from 4 to 3
  • Bloodless reduced from 5 to 4
  • Silent Killer reduced from 7 to 5
  • Quartermaster reduced from 8 to 6

New Legendary Weapons:

  • Added Lebel Marksman “Zorngeist” – 500 Blood Bonds
  • Added Dolch Precision “Griffin” – 500 Blood Bonds

New Legendary Hunters:

  • Added “The Mountain Man” – 700 Blood Bonds
  • Added “Marshall Brewer” – 500 Blood Bonds


  • New weapon added: Springfield 1866: 38$ (unlocks at Rank 1)
  • New weapon added: Springfield 1866 Marksman: 73$ (variant unlock)
  • New weapon added: Springfield 1866 Compact: 33$ (variant unlock)
  • New weapon added: Springfield 1866 Compact Striker: 56$ (variant unlock)
  • New weapon added: Springfield 1866 Compact Deadeye: 46$ (variant unlock)
  • New weapon added: Martini-Henry IC1: 122$ (unlocks at Rank 16)
  • New weapon added: Martini-Henry IC1 Deadeye: 145$ (variant unlock)
  • New weapon added: Martini-Henry IC1 Riposte: 164$ (variant unlock)


  • Added new resupply station: Item Box [Anti-camping Package]
    • Added new resupply station type that the hunter can loot to gain a random offensive consumable or resupply tool charges
    • There are usually 1-2 Item Boxes available in any compound and 1 can always be found at a Supply Point
    • Item Boxes cannot be found in Quickplay matches

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed purple shader issue
  • Server-side optimizations made to the main thread network code to reduce the load when players disconnect/extract.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Last Partner” to not be displayed on the last match details screen.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Hunters to receive the same traits twice.
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to become stuck in the “Transmitting selected mission” when inviting a friend through Steam.
  • Fixed a number of minor localization issues.
  • Fixed audio loop for flying throwables not disappearing when going off while cooking
  • Fixed Quickslot 2 sometimes being mapped the same item as Quickslot 1 on the controller
  • Fixed some rare cases with ‘Butcher’ being shown when dying to the ‘Immolator’ in death recap.
  • Fixed rare cases of infinite health regeneration in really rare cases where burning starts in the same frame as health regeneration
  • Fixed some random force feedback effects triggering on the controller for all players (i.e. when another player in the session was throwing a knife)

Known Issues

Stability / Performance / Visuals

  • Render distances of windows and doors can still be a bit inconsistent.
  • LOD blending is not always smooth for some objects.
  • Animations might sometimes snap during weapon/items switching.


  • Chaining heavy melee attacks with Martini-Henry Riposte might feel clunky.
  • Springfield 1866 Marksman, Springfield 1866 Marksman Compact Deadeye and Martini-Henry IC1 Deadeye use aim down sight sensitivity instead of their scope sensitivity.
  • Item Box can in some rare cases, when only tools can be replenished, not provide anything
  • Quickplay: When picking up an already owned tool, the ammo replenish is slightly delayed


  • When playing in a trio, the host sees the incorrect loadouts for other team members in the pause menu.
  • Unlock requirements are still displayed after unlocking arsenal items in roster and shop.