Halo Reach Release Time | When will Reach be playable on PC and Xbox One?

The Halo Master Chief Collection has been delighting fans for a number of years on Xbox One, but now, the comprehensive collection is set to come to PC. Not all at once, mind you, as the action will kick off this week starting with Halo Reach before continuing to hit the platform piecemeal thereafter. With Reach being a post-launch addition for Xbox One — similar to the previous Halo: ODST campaign — eager players on both platforms are wondering about the exact Halo Reach release time. Here’s what you need to know.

When is Halo Reach playable on PC and Xbox One?

Halo Reach release time

The improved version of Halo Reach is set to hit the Master Chief Collection on Tuesday, December 3, 2019. It’s confirmed to be playable at 18:00 GMT (6 pm), which is presumably a universal time as no alternative dates or times have been given.

If you’re looking to pick the definitive version of this Halo prequel up via the Windows 10 Store, you can preload right now. Unfortunately, unlike many other preloads, rather than downloading the complete 24.94 GB game file you’ll only be able to grab around 20 MB. Having it in your library should mean that the full download will begin as soon as it’s available to get you up and running faster, however.

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The Master Chief Collection and Halo Reach DLC is also available for pre-purchase on Steam, though do keep in mind that by subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate it’s possible to play the Windows 10 version at no additional cost. This arguably makes for a better value proposition when paired with the array of additional games that are made available to active subscribers.

Halo Reach is also available for preorder on Xbox One, where Master Chief Collection owners can either spend $9.99 to own it or gain access at no additional cost through a subscription to the Xbox Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate services.