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Super Mario Maker 2 2.0 Update Patch Notes

A brand-new Super Mario Maker 2 update is available to download today, December 5, 2019, on Nintendo Switch. Skip to the end of this guide to read through the complete list of Super Mario Maker 2 2.0 update patch notes. Stick with us a little longer, however, to read through the Mario Maker 2 version 2.0 update highlights. Discover everything that is being added to the game, including Spike, Dash Panels, Ninji Speedruns, and Master Sword (really).

Super Mario Maker 2 2.0 Update Highlights

Mario Maker 2 2.0 update

New Course Parts

What good would a Mario Maker 2 update be without the addition of new Course Parts? Thankfully, Nintendo knows this and is adding in a whole bunch of new parts to play with. The new Course Parts are as follows:

  • Spike
  • Pokey
  • Frozen Coin (not available in Super Mario 3D World Game Style)
  • P Block
  • Dash Block (available only in Super Mario 3D World Game Style)
  • Master Sword (available only in Super Mario Bros Game Style)

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Of course, the big news here is the Master Sword Power-Up. Throwing this into a stage and using it will transform Mario into Link. As Link, you’ll be able to use the Master Sword as a weapon, with standard stabs, down thrust attack, and dash attack. You will also be able to make use of Link’s shield to block seemingly any attack and enemy. Link’s bow-and-arrow (which can fire straight ahead, diagonally up, and diagonally down) and bomb completes the look.

Placing the Master Sword and Frozen Coin into a stage will take a little work on your end. Neither is quite as simple as selecting the item from the available list. To place the Master Sword into a stage, you will need to first put a Super Mushroom down. You’ll need to then head onto the Super Mushroom and change its type from the available options given. You will need to do the same with a Coin to put a Frozen Coin into a stage.

New Mode

Along with the new Course Parts being added to Mario Maker 2 on December 5, a brand-new mode is being introduced: Ninji Speedruns. In this mode, you’ll be racing against time trial ghosts from tonnes of other players’ attempts at these mode-exclusive Nintendo-designed levels.

Nintendo will provide us with new stages to play “periodically,” which seems to mean around a week each reset. Completing these courses will award you with Stamps and Mii Costume parts to equip. The best of the best will have gold stars rotating their Mii characters for a set period of time, too. Time to show the world that you are the best Ninji.

Super Mario Maker 2 2.0 Update Patch Notes

Mario Maker 2 2.0 update

Read through the complete list of Super Mario Maker 2 2.0 update patch notes below, courtesy of Nintendo:

Course Maker

  • New course parts have been added.
    • Each new part can be used in the following game styles as shown below
      • Master Sword | Super Mario Bros.
      • Spike | All game styles
      • Pokey | All game styles
      • P Block | All game styles
      • Frozen Coin | All game styles except from Super Mario 3D World
      • Dash Block | Super Mario 3D World
    • Select the Master Sword by first placing a Super Mushroom, then changing its type from the options available.
    • Select the Frozen Coin by first placing a Coin, then changing its type from the options available.

Course World

  • The Ninji Speedruns mode has been added.
  • New conditions have been added to Detailed Search when searching for courses.
    • Multiplayer Versus courses can now be displayed in order of popularity.
    • Course searches can now be further refined by applying the “Date Uploaded” condition.
    • Course searches can now be further refined by applying the “Number of Plays” condition.
  • The number of likes a maker has received will now be displayed in the Overview section of their Maker Profile.
  • Makers are now less likely to lose Maker Points when uploading a new course.
    • As part of this change, Maker Points may revert to their value prior to installing this update.


  • Issues have been fixed to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.

Check out the update trailer below: