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Borderlands 3 Borman Nates | Location and how to kill

Halloween might be well and truly over by now, but the Borderlands 3 event celebrating this spookiest of holidays is not… yet. Bloody Harvest runs through December 5, giving you a few more days to mop up its limited-time quests and claim the associated rewards. If you’re just getting started, first check out how to launch the event, then read on for help with a particularly elusive side quest named “Kill Borman Nates.” For all the Borderlands 3 Borman Nates help you need, you’re already in the right place.

How to find Borman Nates in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Borman Nates

If you’re searching for this topsy-turvy take on iconic Alfred Hitchcock character Norman Bates (the deranged antagonist of the movie Psycho), you’ll first need to claim the quest from the notice board on Sanctuary. It’s a randomly spawning quest, so if it doesn’t appear at first be sure to check back in at the Sanctuary notice board often.

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Once you have the Kill Borman Nates side mission, which comes with the simple instruction to “Please kill Borman Nates,” make your way to the Merdian Outskirts region on the planet Promethea. The fastest method is warping to the travel point closest to Spillways on the map, then head left from there until you reach an elevator platform that can be used to reach higher ground.

Navigate towards the back and there you should find Borman Nates, who, true to the character’s inspiration, will focus on using melee attacks in a frenzied attempt to kill you. Keep your distance to avoid his attacks and you should be able to take him down without much issue.

This mission is repeatable via the Sanctuary notice board, which you’ll likely want to do if you’re seeking the Legendary pistol that Nates can drop. The Pointy Psycho Stabber does great melee damage and is a novel addition to the arsenal of any Borderlands 3 player that’s also a fan of Psycho or the Bates Motel Netflix series.

Here’s the TL;DR version:

  • Keep an eye out for the “Kill Borman Nates” side mission that randomly spawns on the Sanctuary notice board
  • Accept the mission and head to the Merdian Outskirts region on the planet Promethea, via the travel point closest to Spillways
  • Head left and up the elevator platform
  • Navigate to the back to find Borman Nates; keep your distance throughout the fight as he’s focused on melee
  • The mission is repeatable, which you’ll need to do if you want the Pointy Psycho Stabber Legendary pistol and it didn’t drop the first time