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Death Stranding 2 Release Date | Will there be a sequel?

Hideo Kojima’s debut independent project following a messy split from Konami finally saw release in November 2019. After years of suspense and speculation, the wait for this video game auteur’s next project was most definitely worthwhile. Whether you agree with the GameRevolution verdict or you’re one of the players for which Death Stranding just didn’t click, everyone can be excited by the prospect of Kojima Productions giving it another crack of the whip. Is it happening, though? And if it is, what’s the Death Stranding 2 release date likely to be? Here’s what we know at this point in time.

Is there going to be a Death Stranding 2?

Death Stranding 2 release date

Death Stranding has been a huge success, regardless of the game attracting a divisive reception from professional critics and regular gamers alike. Having already launched on PlayStation 4, it’s scheduled to reach PC with help from publisher 505 Games in the summer of 2020. In terms of success alone, Death Stranding will likely (if it hasn’t already) position itself as a prime candidate for a sequel in the future. That’s not really up for debate, but whether Hideo Kojima decides to greenlight a follow-up is.

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We already know that Kojima might be looking to make something akin to a feature film next, rather than a conventional video game. It’s also no secret that he’s thinking about tackling a horror project, perhaps feeling unfulfilled after the cancellation of Silent Hills.

Despite this, however, it appears that a possible Death Stranding 2 isn’t off the table. In a recent interview with Variety, Kojima confirmed that he’s thinking about a Death Stranding sequel that’d “start from zero.” What that might mean isn’t 100% clear, especially since the auteur would also like starring protagonist Norman Reedus to return.

Whether it’d be a prequel or Sam “Porter” Bridges might be the only remaining strand to connect the two games remains to (potentially) be seen. With nothing concrete, it’s almost impossible to accurately predict a Death Stranding 2 release date, but since the original took in the region of four years to develop, you probably shouldn’t expect anything prior to late 2023 at the earliest.