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Fortnite Globe Shaker Skin | How to unlock

It’s December, which means it’s officially Christmas season! Do you know what that also means, though? Course you do: it’s time to kit your digital self out in holly jolly Fortnite Christmas cosmetics. One seasonal garment that’s attracting a lot of attention this year is the Fortnite Globe Shaker skin. If you’re looking to turn your head into a snowglobe for the holidays (and realistically, who isn’t?), here’s exactly what you need to do.

How to get the Fortnite Globe Shaker Epic Outfit

Fortnite Globe Shaker skin

Like most Epic Outfits in Fortnite, the Xmas-themed Globe Shaker skin is purchasable with V-Bucks via the in-game Item Shop. V-Bucks are a premium form of currency, meaning that the skin will set you back real-world cash. If you’re happy with that, 1,500 of your finest (equivalent to around $15) will buy the Fortnite Globe Shaker skin and make you the envy of other players.

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The in-game item description simply reads “make it snow,” with the standout snowglobe head housing an illuminated Christmas tree inside. Completing the ensemble is an ugly Christmas sweater featuring the iconic Fortnite llama while subscribing to a festive red and green color scheme.

The item has only appeared in the rotating Item Shop twice at the time of writing: once when first introduced on November 30th, and again on December 2nd (today). Be sure to act fast if you’re looking to purchase it, as the Globe Shaker Epic Outfit might not be here to stay for long. If you do hapen to miss it, however, it’s likely that the skin will reappear at additional points throughout the holiday season.

If you’re looking for a complete festive ensemble, Globe Shaker is part of the Frosty Flights set which also includes the Ornament Back Bling, Merry Mint Axe Pickaxe, and Polar Poleaxe Pickaxe.