Halo Reach PC Service Record | Can you sync old Xbox Service Record with PC version?

If you’re a long-serving Spartan with an existing Halo Reach Service Record from playing the Xbox 360 version, you’re probably wondering whether your accolades and unlocks will transition to the upgraded Master Chief Collection release. Will you enter the game with a Halo Reach PC Service Record that’s blank, or find all your prior hard work still represented in-game? And what about those upgrading to the Xbox One version instead? We’ve got your answers right here.

Halo Reach PC Service Record | Can 360 Service Record sync with MCC PC?

Halo Reach PC Service Record

If you’re playing Halo Reach PC via Steam, then it probably won’t surprise you to learn that there’s no way to transfer your existing Service Record across. Steam and Xbox Live are totally separate ecosystems that don’t have any simple means of communicating with one another to retrieve your data.

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Should you be playing the Halo Reach Master Chief Collection version on PC via Windows 10, unfortunately, you won’t be able to either. This is a little more surprising. Even if you’re using the exact Xbox Live profile tied to your old 360 Halo Reach Service Record, it isn’t possible to transfer any unlocks and/or progress over to the new build.

Can you sync old Halo Reach 360 Service Record with the Xbox One version?

Halo Reach PC Service Record

If you’re staying within the realms of Xbox, you still won’t be able to transfer any progress from the 360 version to the improved Halo Reach MCC Xbox One version. You might be using the exact same Xbox Live profile, perhaps even with your original Reach save data present on the Xbox One console itself after playing via backward compatibility, but the two games won’t sync regardless.

Put simply, the two different versions of Halo Reach are incompatible and should be thought of as completely separate products.