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Modern Warfare Frame Drops | Is there a PC frame rate fix?

Generally speaking, patches serve to improve the game experience for all players. That’s undoubtedly their primary aim, at any rate, but isn’t always the effect they have as has been illustrated by Modern Warfare. The latest update seemingly hasn’t had any adverse effect on PS4 and Xbox One, but those playing on PC via haven’t been quite so lucky. There are widespread reports of Modern Warfare frame drops online, despite the first-person shooter having run smoothly prior to the patch being applied. Is there currently a low FPS fix, though?

Modern Warfare Frame Drops | Can you fix stuttering and framerate drops?

Modern Warfare frame drops

According to one user, the frame rate issue introduced in the latest Modern Warfare update is destructive enough to render the game “literally unplayable.” Many more are citing “constant” stuttering problems, which can reportedly have pretty catastrophic results on performance. Activision community forum user Kunshoto reports that pre-patch their game ran at 130-135 FPS, but post-patch that’s now dropped to 60 FPS. That’d still be quite playable, if not for the technical performance apparently plummeting to 15-20 FPS “every second.”

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Though that’s an extreme example, Kunshoto is far from alone; the wider Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PC community is up in arms. Unfortunately, a fix that can be implemented on the user’s end hasn’t yet been discovered, though there are likely some industrious players rifling through the game files in search of answers right now.

With a high level of complaints and feedback surrounding Modern Warfare frame drops on PC, the development team at Infinity Ward is also sure to be aware and investigating it officially themselves. For now, as annoying as it is, the best option appears to be waiting on a new update to fix the previous botched one.