Halo MCC Connection Failed | ‘Connection to the game session has failed’ fix

If you’ve been diving back into Halo and reliving the glory days with your old pals online, courtesy of the upgraded Master Chief Collection version, then having the breaks put to your fun by connection errors is no good at all. Should the Halo Reach MCC Connection Failed error be causing you problems, here are some things you can try in an effort to get back up and running.

How to fix the Halo Reach MCC Connection Failed error message

Halo MCC Connection Failed

Whether it’s in competitive multiplayer or campaign co-op, certain players are encountering the following message when trying to engage in online connectivity:


Your connection to the game session has failed, please try again.

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Unfortunately, it isn’t currently known what precisely is causing the error. Being relatively widespread, it’s likely that something is going awry with developer 343 Industries’ servers, as opposed to the issue being on the user end. That being said, there are troubleshooting steps that you can undertake just to be sure.

First and foremost, restart the game on Xbox One or PC and then try again. If you’re still encountering issues, other potential fixes would be to reboot your hardware and/or internet router. If none of those simple steps do the trick, you might want to try connecting to a different internet network — just be mindful of any usage costs this might incur.

There is one additional thing to try on PC, though. It’s been reported that first opening Halo Reach with anti-cheat disabled, then quitting and relaunching the standard version of the game with it enabled can temporarily rectify the issue. It’s a process that needs to be repeated each time you come to play the game, so do keep that in mind if it works for you initially and then stops.