Can you prestige in Halo Reach MCC?

The Master Chief Collection remaster of Halo Reach doesn’t just upgrade the gameplay experience and graphics, but also implements a new multiplayer progression system. That’s led to a lot of people wondering: Can you prestige in Halo Reach MCCHere’s everything you need to know on how leveling up works, and whether you can eventually prestige with hard work, skill, and dedication.

Does Halo Reach MCC have prestige leveling?

can you prestige in Halo Reach MCC

There are 30 standard ranks in Halo Reach MCC multiplayer, which are the same regardless of whether you’re playing on Xbox One or PC (via Steam or Windows 10). Everyone starts out as a Rookie, before earning their stripes and ultimately becoming a General. Is that it, though? Or is it possible to prestige and start climbing the ladder all over again?

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You’ll probably be glad to hear that reaching General isn’t the end of your journey — not by a long shot. After reaching rank 30 for the first time, you’ll automatically graduate from Tier 11 to Tier 10. This is the Halo Reach MCC equivalent of gaining a level of prestige, with players ultimately working their way towards becoming a Tier 1 General and claiming the top multiplayer rank.

Tiers are depicted alongside players’ names and current rank in-game, so you’ll be able to show off your seniority to lobbies full of teammates and competitors as you continue to play and progress. It’s undoubtedly a long road to the top, but if you’re committed to your new Halo Reach multiplayer career (assuming you aren’t already a veteran of the Xbox 360 original) you’ll get there eventually.

If you’re playing Halo Reach on PC, unfortunately, that path might be a little bumpier for you than for your Xbox One brethren. If you need help with any MCC PC guides, head over here.