Xbox Series X Game Pass | Does my subscription carry over?

In one of the biggest shocks from The Game Awards 2019, Phil Spencer took to the stage to announce the next-gen Xbox, the Xbox Series X. At the time, Microsoft didn’t confirm too much aside from the name and design of the machine but took online to talk things such as Xbox Series X Game Pass compatibility. In this guide, we’ll let you know the answer to “does my Xbox Game Pass subscription carry over?” Read on for all the confirmed details on Xbox Game Pass on Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X Game Pass | Does my subscription carry over?

Xbox Series X Game Pass

You’ll be glad to hear that, yes, your Xbox Game Pass subscription should carry over to the Xbox Series X when it releases Holiday 2020. As stated above, Microsoft didn’t go into details regarding aspects such as Game Pass and Xbox Live subscriptions on the Series X. The company (Phil Spencer) has since put out a post detailing a few more features of the machine, such as backward compatibility.

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Spencer explains that “industry-leading services like Xbox Game Pass” will “be available when you power on your Xbox Series X in Holiday 2020.” While it doesn’t claim that your subscription will carry over specifically, it’s easy to suggest that you will be able to when the time comes. It’s being claimed by Polygon, however, that you will be able to carry over any existing subscriptions you may have onto the Series X. Hopefully, this means that other features such as Xbox Live Gold will also be carried over, too.

At least we know that there will be such a thing as Xbox Series X Game Pass. The service should be available from day one on the platform, too, which thanks to the console’s supposed complete Xbox backward compatibility means you will have potentially thousands of games to play on the new machine right away.