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Fortnite Baby Yoda Skin | Is it being added to the game?

As a species, humans love to fawn over small, cute, and cuddly things. Humans on the internet do especially, so it’s no wonder that the adorable Baby Yoda introduced in Disney+ show The Mandalorian instantly rose to superstardom. With Epic Games’ Fortnite currently enjoying a crossover with the upcoming movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, it’s only natural that fans of both properties wonder whether The Mandalorian might get the same treatment next. If that were to happen, might a Fortnite Baby Yoda skin get added to the game?

Will there be a Fortnite Baby Yoda skin?

Fortnite Baby Yoda skin

Fortnite x The Mandalorian crossover event definitely isn’t out of the question. Fortnite and Star Wars have collaborated twice now; first with the introduction of an Imperial Stormtrooper skin, then again on a much larger scale with a full-blown The Rise of Skywalker event. Even if The Mandalorian didn’t get an entire event dedicated to it, the former of the two previous examples illustrate that Star Wars skins can be added singularly at any time.

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Though a Fortnite Baby Yoda skin would be amazing, shrinking some players down to the stature of an infant might give them an unfair advantage due to being a smaller target, and thus, a harder target to hit. Perhaps more likely would be the introduction of a Baby Yoda Back Bling as imagined in this fanmade image shared by Fortnite leaker @HYPEX on Twitter.

With the post proving popular, it might not have escaped the Fortnite developers’ attention. If they (and by extension Disney) realize that there’s a large market for Baby Yoda in Fortnite, who’s to say that another collaboration might not happen in the future?

There’s no official news on the matter just yet but stick with GameRevolution for updates on a potential Fortnite Baby Yoda skin.