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Escape from Tarkov Xbox One | Is it coming to console?

Battlestate Games’ Escape from Tarkov recently shot to superstardom after appearing in a Twitch Drops campaign. It was jettisoned to the top of Twitch in terms of viewership, attracting some of the platform’s top streamers including Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatman. With all this newfound exposure, plenty of gamers are watching the game and wondering if they can get involved via their favorite consoles. You can find out whether there’s an Escape from Tarkov Xbox One version in the works courtesy of this handy guide.

Is Escape from Tarkov coming to Xbox One?

Escape from Tarkov Xbox One

At the time of writing, Escape from Tarkov is exclusive to the PC platform. The title’s independent developer, Battlestate Games, has previously stated that they’re “considering” bringing the game to consoles, but that “it’s too early to talk about that.” This comment was made over four years ago and there hasn’t been any mention of a console release since, however.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that a port will never happen, but rather that it’s still “too early” for the team to seriously discuss console versions even now. Although Escape from Tarkov is currently playable on PC, it isn’t finished; it’s in closed beta and players can gain access by preordering the game.

Once work on the PC version has wrapped up, it’s entirely possible that the team could turn their sights to bringing Escape from Tarkov to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. With fans literally petitioning for the game’s release on consoles, it appears to be in high demand, which could help to convince Battlestate Games that the venture is a worthwhile one.

In the end, a further delay could even come to benefit console gamers. With the Xbox Series X and PS5 scheduled to launch this year, it’s possible that any console version of Escape from Tarkov could reach those platforms and provide an experience that’s more in line with the PC version.