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PUBG Karakin Release Date | New map coming soon

PUBG Corporation announced a new map coming soon to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The map, called Karakin, appears to take place in a desert setting, much like PUBG’s first-ever additional map, Miramar. With a new map on the horizon, players are likely wondering: What is the PUBG Karakin release date? In this guide, we’ll cover everything we know about the map, including its potential impact on other locations like Vikendi.

When is the PUBG Karakin release date?

When is the PUBG Karakin release date_

When the official PUBG Twitter account announced the new map on January 14, it said only that Karakin is “coming soon.” So far, there have been no other details released, so the PUBG Karakin release date is still currently unknown. Recently, however, there been a few supposed leaks that detail a major change Karakin could bring to PUBG.

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Before the map was officially announced, PUBG YouTuber PlayerIGN posted a cryptic tweet about PUBG’s snowy Vikendi map, saying “Goodbye Vikendi. You will be missed.” PlayerIGN later followed up to the initial tweet, claiming that a new map called Karakin would soon replace Vikendi. This was later backed up by a post from PUBG Reddit user DocsBathroomRoyale that claimed datamined map selection UI design left Vikendi out of the picture. The rumors resulted in outcry from many fans on the game’s subreddit.

While Vikendi’s removal is not yet confirmed, official PUBG comments make it seem likely. PUBG Community Manager Hawkinz replied to a fan on Twitter asking about the rumors, saying Vikendi is unfortunately not loved by most players. Hawkinz would not say whether or not Vikendi is being removed, but added that players will “hear more details about what’s in Season 6” when the patch notes are released soon.

Along with the Karakin announcement, PUBG Corp. announced that the Motor Glider vehicle will become available in standard public matches on PC on January 15.