GTFO PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch | Is it coming to consoles?

GTFO is an interesting choice of name for a similarly interesting take on the cooperative first-person shooter genre. The Steam Early Access launch late in 2019 saw GTFO muster a cult following on PC, even securing its current “Very Positive” review status based on feedback from 5,700+ players. With the multiplayer title finding success on PC, it’s only natural that console gamers are wondering about a potential GTFO PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch release. Here’s everything you need to know about whether or not there could be a GTFO console version in the works at 10 Chambers.

Will GTFO release on consoles?


GTFO was brought to fruition by the game designer behind Payday 2, another FPS focused on co-op multiplayer. It’s no surprise, then, that GTFO is turning heads by adopting many of the same design philosophies and marrying them to an intensely challenging horror experience. Even before finishing the game for full release on PC, it’s already won several awards and plaudits from video games press.

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If you’re looking to eventually play GTFO on a console, then you’ll want to cross your fingers that the game continues to enjoy success on PC. In an official FAQ thread on the game’s Steam forum, developer Simon Viklund answers the question “Will GTFO come to platforms other than PC?” as follows:

The development team is too small to pull off a simultaneous multi-platform release. If the PC version is successful enough, we would absolutely love to put out GTFO on other platforms as well.

Developer 10 Chambers Collective’s stance on the matter is clear, then. If the PC version of GTFO performs well enough to justify porting to other platforms from a business standpoint, then they’d “love” to make it happen.

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