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Apex Legends Tournament Mode | How to host private matches

The new Apex Legends Tournament Mode allows users to create and arrange private matches. These private matches include slots for spectators, allowing commentators and referees to monitor how all players are performing. The Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment is hoping that the Tournament Mode will provide a great tool “for tournament organizers for setting up teams and matches at events and a better spectating experience for fans.” Read on for all you need to know about the new Tournament Mode.

How to host private matches in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Tournament Mode

Unfortunately, for those of you who are just regular players hoping to dive into a private match with your friends, there’s some bad news. The Apex Legends Tournament Mode is limited only to “approved partners,” which means this feature will be locked away to most of us.

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This means that, while the new Apex Legends update does indeed bring private match functionality to the game, it remains inaccessible for the majority of players. I suppose the clue is in the name “Tournament Mode,” with the private matches being reserved for esports events and the like.

It’s unclear if Respawn Entertainment will eventually open up this feature to more players. However, if you’ve got a hankering for some private match play, there is a workaround that lets you access a private mode-esque scenario.

To create your own private match without having access to the Tournament Mode, simply following our instructions here. This “private match” will allow you to settle any scores you have with friends, deciding once and for all who the best player is.

For larger-scale private match warfare, you unfortunately have no choice but to wait and see if the developer widens private match access in the future. Our fingers are crossed for you!