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How to Use the Time Machine in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

If you’ve encountered a mysterious capsule said to be used for time travel, your head’s probably swimming with questions about how to use the time machine in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Even after finishing the game, players are still told to “wait a little while” before they can clamber aboard and start adventuring throughout time and space. That’s a hugely exciting prospect, so, naturally, the wait looks set to be an impatient one. To save you pondering about the purpose of this DBZ: Kakarot time machine in the meantime, here’s what function it should eventually serve.

How to use the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot time machine

How to use the time machine in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Bandai Namco Entertainment and CyberConnect2 appear to have included the time machine in DBZ: Kakarot as a means to access future DLC and potential update content. Being a time machine, by its very nature, this inclusion allows the development team to be completely unbridled in their creative approach moving forward.

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If there’s a fan-favorite Dragon Ball saga from the past that they wish to explore, utilizing the time machine (which has previously featured in the anime) will maintain context and take fans back without breaking their immersion. Perhaps more excitingly, if the dial was instead set for the far future, we could potentially see some all-new Dragon Ball Z story content implemented into Kakarot.

Of course, we know that a DBZ: Kakarot Season Pass is already available to purchase, but details on its exact contents are currently scarce. This leaves the door wide open regarding what direction future downloadable episodes might take, which is certainly an exciting prospect for any Dragon Ball fan.

Including the time machine was a great touch. It adds an element of mystery and speculation, while also grounding any future DLC by contextualizing it within the main game. Whether the DLC itself will live up to this implementation remains to be seen, but with Kakarot being well received by fans they hopefully won’t be left disappointed.