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Apex Legends Evolution Armor Release Date | When is the armor update coming?

Ever since it first launched, the armor system in Apex Legends has remained largely unchanged. After dropping into battle, all players start with no protective clothing and can then proceed to loot different body armor and helmets that mitigate incoming damage to a degree dependant on their level. Now, however, the Apex Legends Evolution Armor looks set to shake things up. Eventually, at any rate; here’s everything you need to know about how the new Apex Legends evolving armor might work and when it could be added to the game.

When is Evolution Armor being added to Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Evolution Armor

There hasn’t actually been any official word on Evolution Armor from Respawn Entertainment or Electronic Arts (EA) yet, but with its existence having been datamined from game files it’s a certainty that they’re at least toying with the idea of its introduction. The unique new armor concept was originally uncovered back in September 2019, though hype recently resurfaced when popular streamer Shroud learned of its existence and was thoroughly excited by the idea.

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This new body shield could be a pickup, just like any other, that differentiates itself by starting at level one and then gradually evolving beyond the capabilities of anything currently available based on damage dealt and kills gained by any player with it equipped. Some have theorized that it could be more prevalent than that, though. It’s been posed that everybody could deploy with Evolution Armor in an effort to encourage more aggressive play and discourage camping in the process.

This could make for more exciting matches on a consistent basis, though would be a huge shift for the game. Obviously this theory should be taken with a pinch of salt, but, considering that it’s coming up on almost five months since we first heard about the existence of Evolution Armor, the delay in its implementation could be down to the necessary balancing changes that would accompany such a large shift.

Regardless of its potential implementation, there’s still no official word on when the Apex Legends Evolution Armor will be added. Usually, it doesn’t take long for datamined content to be officially introduced, but clearly we have an exception to the general rule on our hands here.