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Fortnite Bottle Rockets Unvaulted | How do they work?

Bottle Rockets are a fairly uncommon sight in Fortnite. First introduced near the start of 2019, these flashy fireworks were quickly vaulted, mainly for being useless. They’ve since made a return in Chapter 2, however, as Epic Games has unvaulted Bottle Rockets in celebration of the Lunar New Year. What are Fortnite Bottle Rockets, and how do they work? Read on to learn more.

Fortnite Bottle Rockets | What are they?

Fortnite Bottle Rockets what they do

Fortnite Bottle Rockets are exactly what they sound like: Short-lived fireworks that are more about fun than actually dealing damage. They were first put in the game around February of 2019 alongside update version 7.30, and were vaulted just over a month later with update version 8.01. However, they did make another appearance on July 4, 2019, as part of the game’s Fourth of July celebrations. The Lunar New Year 2020 festivities mark the first time they’ve been seen since.

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When used, Bottle Rockets send out a volley of around 45 rockets in the direction they were thrown. They deal 10 damage to players caught in the crossfire, and 40 damage to nearby structures. This makes them largely useless in combat scenarios, and is probably the main reason they were vaulted to begin with.

Fortnite Bottle Rockets | Where are they found?

Fortnite Bottle Rockets where to find

Like most of the weapons in Fortnite, Bottle Rockets can be found littered around the map or dropped by fallen players. They appear as random loot, inside chests or vending machines, and through Supply Drops or Supply Llamas. They appear as a double stack in each instance, and players can hold a maximum of six stacks.

Fortnite Bottle Rockets | What are they good for?

Fortnite Bottle Rockets damage

Aside from a little bit of festive fun, Bottle Rockets really aren’t effective in combat. The low player damage means they probably won’t be winning any firefights, though their structural damage rating could be useful, especially considering that they do consistent damage over time.

If you want to use Bottle Rockets for more than just a distraction, it may be worth using them to batter opponent’s structures. A ten-second volley of 45 well-placed Bottle Rockets stands to deal around 1,800 damage to forts, which has the potential to completely disrupt enemy defenses. This effect is more pronounced when multiple players fire off Bottle Rockets together, though individual players can only deploy two at a time.

Of course, there is an exception here: Damaging enemy groups. If a group of players have converged into a cluster, a well-placed Bottle Rocket volley could damage the group enough to help pick off individual members later. As a bonus, if any wounded players wander into the rocket fire, they’ll receive one of their most humiliating defeats yet.