GTA 5 Patch Notes | Title Update 1.49

Things are always moving and shaking in Grand Theft Auto 5, the award-winning release from Rockstar Games. The latest GTA 5 patch notes have landed alongside title update 1.49, a remarkably small patch available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Keep reading to discover everything featured in the January 23, 2020 GTA 5 patch notes.

GTA 5 | Title Update 1.49 Patch Notes

gta 5 patch notes title update 1.49 nagasaki outlaw

Grand Theft Auto 5 title update 1.49 is a very small patch with appropriately small patch notes. This update addresses one thing and one thing only: the addition of the Nagasaki Outlaw to GTA Online.

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In case you need them, here are the full GTA 5 patch notes for title update 1.49 as provided by the team at Rockstar Games:

  • A new vehicle has been added to GTA Online, available at Southern San Adreas Super Autos:
    • Nagasaki Outlaw

The Nagasaki Outlaw is an off-road buggy decked out with a reinforced steel roll cage. It is available for purchase at Southern San Andreas Super Autos, where its price is currently set at GTA$ 1,268,000. It’s the latest in a new line of vehicles offered as part of the game’s Diamond Casino Heist update. It joins the ranks of other new high-end vehicles such as the Bugstars Burrito, Dewbauchee JB 700W, Rune Zhaba, and Vapid Retinue Mk 2.

The Nagasaki Outlaw is the 19th vehicle to land alongside the Diamond Casino Heist update. That means seven more vehicles are planned to release over the coming weeks. Each of these new vehicles will likely correspond with an additional small patch. For those keeping count, the previous patch was released on January 16, and introduced the Karin Sultan Classic.

It’s likely that the next set of GTA 5 patch notes will similarly be filed under title update 1.49, as this update seems to be cumulative. If you haven’t yet jumped into GTA Online to check out the Diamond Casino Heist update, now is the time to earn some money and pick up some fresh wheels.