Temtem Redeem Code | List of codes for 2020

A mysterious Temtem “Redeem Code” function has been added to the game’s main menu, raising questions about what exactly the option is for. Giving it a click results in a code entry screen popping up, inviting the player to type something. With Temtem currently being in Steam Early Access, new features like this are expected to keep appearing throughout development. Thankfully, the developer continues to provide detailed patch notes alongside each new patch. Here’s what you need to know about the system, as well as an updated list of all Temtem codes for 2020.

All Temtem codes for 2020

Temtem Redeem Code

  • Kickstarter codes
    • Name Codes (Reserves a name)
    • In-game statue
    • Emote pack
    • Trophy furniture
    • “Original Tamer Cap”
    • “Artisan” title
    • “Villager” title
    • “Guardian” title
    • “Founder” title
    • “Collector” title
    • “Explorer” title
    • “Alpha Hero” title
  • Promotional codes
    • Not yet applicable

At the time of writing, there aren’t yet any public Temtem codes to redeem. Developer Crema has explained that the “Redeem Code” will be used to redeem promo codes acquired through “Kickstarter backers, future promotions, etc.”

The game raised $573,939 on Kickstarter, with a goal of only $70,000. Those who pledged for a digital reward can currently use the “Redeem Code” option to enter their unique code. They will then receive their Kickstarter reward. One popular Kickstarter reward is the ability to reserve an in-game username. These “name codes” give Kickstarter backers first dibs on a nametag.

While there aren’t yet any public codes to redeem, meaning that the “Redeem Code” function at the main menu is currently useless, it seems that codes will soon be made available.

Of course, we at GameRevolution will keep an eye out for new codes and update this guide accordingly. However, if you want to monitor the game’s social media channels for yourself, then click here to head over to the official Temtem Twitter page.