Pokemon GO 'battles are currently unavailable' error

Pokemon GO ‘Battles Are Currently Unavailable’ Error | GO Battle League fix

In hugely exciting news, developer Niantic Labs is introducing a GO Battle League feature to the massively successful mobile game Pokemon GO. This new element is currently “rolling out” to Pokemon Trainers worldwide on both iOS and Android, allowing them to hone their skills by engaging one another in battles online. Some of them, at any rate; the Pokemon GO ‘battles are currently unavailable’ error is rearing its ugly head and holding many players back. Stick with this guide to find out what the deal is.

Pokemon GO ‘battles are currently unavailable’ error fix

Pokemon GO 'battles are currently unavailable' error

After booting up Pokemon GO on their mobile device of choice, be it iOS or Android, some players are encountering an annoying problem when attempting to access the new GO Battle League feature. Rather than being thrust into an exciting test of their Pokemon GO prowess against another human player, the following error message pops up on-screen:

Battles are currently unavailable. Try again later.

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If you’re encountering this issue, you shouldn’t worry — the problem doesn’t actually lie with you. As we mentioned earlier, the Pokemon GO Battle League is currently “rolling out” according to an official Niantic statement. This indicates that the feature will gradually become available to more and more players until, eventually, everybody has access to it.

So, if you’re encountering the Pokemon GO ‘battles are currently unavailable’ error then your first course of action is simply to wait a while. While there’s no official indication of exactly how long that wait will be, the Pokemon Go Twitter account (@PokemonGoApp) recently confirmed that the Go Battle League rollout has been “temporarily paused” in an effort to “ensure a smooth feature launch and prevent server issues.”

This reaffirms that all you can do for the time being is wait for GO Battle League features to be made available to you.

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