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Destiny 2 Glimmer Missing Fix | How to get money and materials back

Destiny 2 is the kind of game that sucks its players in and makes true devotees of them. After putting hundreds, if not thousands, of hours into the looter-shooter imagine the frustration of loading up the game only to find that all of your spoils were gone. Oh, wait… you don’t have to imagine, because the latest Destiny 2 update wiped out players’ supplies of Glimmer and upgrade materials including Prisms and Ascendant Shards. Is there a Destiny 2 Glimmer missing fix that’ll also bring back those valuable in-game materials, though?

How to get money and materials back in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Glimmer missing fix

Having been made aware of this major issue, Bungie kept affected players updated on what was happening and quickly moved to restore their missing loot. The independent game studio soon confirmed via its @BungieHelp Twitter account that they had  “validated a fix for this issue” and would be “rolling back all player accounts to how they were.”

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Thankfully, things have now been restored back to their state prior to Destiny 2 Update 2.7.1 following an extended period of downtime. If you log into the game you should find that all your valuables are present and correct once more.

Should you have played Destiny 2 during the period in which this glitch was active, perhaps not having noticed your materials were missing, then you need to be aware of a few potential side effects due to the rollback.

  • Any progress or purchase made between 8:30-10 AM PST will need to be redone
  • Silver spent during that time will be restored
  • Platform store-purchased Silver bundles will not be affected by the rollback

There’s more information available here.

Credit to Bungie for squashing this bug quickly, as it would’ve proven devastating to the Destiny 2 community had it persisted.