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The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners | How to kill zombies

You’re going to have to kill a lot of zombies in The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners, and it’s not always the easiest task. Sure, you can shoot them, but most of the time, you’ll want to use melee weapons, so you don’t draw attention. This is easy enough in concept, just stab them in the brain, right? Well, the way TWD Saints & Sinners‘ weapons work means it can be trickier to take them down than you’d think.

This guide to killing zombies in The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners will primarily focus on melee weapons. We’ll teach you how to stab through those thick, undead skulls and take down the walkers like a pro.

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How to kill zombies in The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners with shivs, screwdrivers, knives, and other one-handed melee weapons

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners How to kill zombies one-handed

Unfortunately, the most plentiful weapons in TWD Saints & Sinners are also the hardest to use. You’ll find and craft an assortment of shivs, knives, screwdrivers, and other one-handed melee weapons as you explore New Orleans.

If you’ve seen the TV show, you’ll get the gist of how to kill a zombie with a one-handed weapon. You’ll need to grab their head with your offhand and then stab upward or downward into their skull. If you pierce the brain, the walker goes down. Pretty simple in theory.

However, The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners is a bit more complicated than most VR titles. Many VR games let you “cheat” when it comes to physical manipulation, neatly slotting items where they need to go with little effort on the player’s part. That’s not the case in Saints and Sinners, though.

Each weapon in TWD Saints & Sinners has a certain degree of heft. That means you’ll need to get some momentum in your swing to take down a walker. The best way to kill a zombie in this game is to pretend like you’re trying to stab through a melon. Here’s my method of getting a good stab on a zombie:

  1. Make sure your melee weapon is pointing downward.
  2. Draw your arm back, making sure your hand is level with the top of your ear.
  3. Stab downward in a straight line into the zombie’s skull.

The weapons in Saints & Sinners are momentum-based instead of speed-based. This means you just need to stab a fair distance in a straight line to penetrate a zombie’s skull. If you stab at an angle or too close to the zombie, your weapon will either glance off or only partially embed. Note that if you hold a zombie for too long, they’ll break free, and you’ll almost immediately get bitten.

How to kill zombies in The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners with axes, swords, bats, and other two-handed melee weapons

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners How to kill zombies two-handed

Killing a zombie with a two-handed melee weapon in The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners is considerably easier than it is with a one-handed weapon. However, it still takes some finesse.

There are two general types of two-handed weapons in Saints & Sinners: blunt and bladed.

With blunt weapons, you’re looking to crush the skull. With these, you want to either swing downward or from the side and aim for the top of the head.

With bladed weapons, you have the option to either pierce the skull or decapitate the zombie. If you aim for the neck, you’ll find it takes less force to decapitate a walker, but it’s a harder target to hit.

With two-handed melee weapons, you’ll find it’s easier to get the momentum you need to kill a walker. However, you will use up more of your stamina gauge with each attack.

How to kill zombies in The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners with guns and bows

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners How to kill zombies gun

There are a few different types of firearms in Saints & Sinners, but they all kill walkers equally well. Just aim for the head and pull the trigger. Any headshot from any ranged weapon will instantly take down a walker.

Firearms are the most efficient way to take down zombies, but they do have drawbacks. Guns are loud and can alert other walkers and human enemies. They also require ammunition, which can be a precious resource in Saints & Sinners. If possible, it’s best to restrict firearms use to emergencies or indoors exploration.