Street Fighter 5 Free-To-Play | PS4 and PC Free Trial dates

In celebration of the upcoming Street Fighter V: Champion Edition launch, developer Capcom has shared details of a Street Fighter 5 Free Trial in which all players across PS4 and PC can get a complimentary taste of its contents. With all 39 current characters playable during this Street Fighter 5 free-to-play period, it’s a great opportunity to go hands-on and decide whether picking up the Champion Edition later this month is the right move for you. So, when does the Free Trial start and how long do you have to play before it ends?

Street Fighter 5 free-to-play trial start and end date

Street Fighter 5 free-to-play

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is scheduled to launch on February 14 — yep, that’s Valentine’s Day — and includes all content from both the original Street Fighter 5 release and the Arcade Edition re-release. To celebrate this, a Street Fighter 5 Free Trial is available from February 3 until February 9. Players can download this Street Fighter V free-to-play version on PC and PS4 at any point during that period in order to freely enjoy fighting as all 39 characters.

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The announcement has been well-received by Street Fighter V fans, who’d typically either need to grind for in-game currency or opt to use premium microtransactions in order to add new characters to their rosters. That’s why the upcoming release of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition poses such good value for money, with its budget asking price of $30 securing purchasers all characters, stages, and a large volume of the available in-game costumes.

Even if the free Street Fighter 5 trial doesn’t convince you that the Champion Edition is worth it, you might be able to identify which characters you’d like to purchase in an existing version of the game after taking them for a few test rounds. Just be sure to get those in before the free-to-play period ends on Sunday, February 9.