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Apex Legends Missing Challenges | Where have the Season 3 challenges gone?

Where are the Apex Legends missing challenges? For the last few weeks, Apex Legends players have reported that the game’s Battle Pass challenges are not showing up at the weekly reset like they should be. Unfortunately, it seems that this problem is pretty severe.

Apex Legends Missing Challenges | Players Missing Out

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Players began reporting the Apex Legends missing challenges more than a month ago. This thread on the EA Answers HQ was created on December 31, 2019, and is the first instance I could find of someone reporting the problem.

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“Weeklies allegedly reset about an hour ago,” stated a comment from SombrePerdition in the EA Answers HQ thread. “I have no week 14 weeklies in my list, just the week 13 that were completed prior to today.”

The thread continues with dozens of players across PC, PS4, and Xbox One reporting the same problem: they are encountering Apex Legends missing challenges. We’ve confirmed this issue ourselves, with one of our editors who frequently streams the game on our Twitch channel being affected by the same problem.

Redditors, too, are having a rough time of it. One submission on the /r/ApexLegends subreddit implores Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts to not forget about the missing challenges. Another submission asks for compensation for these missing challenges.

So, what’s the solution? Has EA or Respawn addressed the problem?

Apex Legends Missing Challenges | What’s the solution?

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As far as we can tell, neither Respawn Entertainment nor Electronic Arts have addressed the problem of the Apex Legends missing challenges. There are several competing theories as to why they’re not showing up.

Several answers in the EA Answers HQ thread linked above state that they’ve contacted support and received all kinds of suggestions. Some people report that they’ve been told it’s a bug. Others have been told to attempt fixes like restoring licenses. EA even had a rep respond in the thread acknowledging the issue.

“Sorry to pop in with just a vague statement, but from what I’ve seen the devs are aware of this,” stated a reply from Community Manager EA_David. “When we have a more substantial update we’ll let folks know.”

Unfortunately, there have not been any additional responses in that thread, nor does there seem to be any resolution to this issue. For now, all players can do about the Apex Legends missing challenges is wait it out and hope that Respawn Entertainment comes up with some kind of a fix.