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Fortnite Love and War End Date | When does the LTM end?

The Fortnite Love and War LTM is going on right now. You’re here because you want to know how long you’ve got to complete all of the Love and War challenges, though. Wonder no more. In this Fortnite Love and War end date guide, we’ll take a look at exactly that, the end date of the LTM and accompanying challenges. Read on to discover when the latest limited-time mode should come to an end.

When does the Fortnite Love and War event end?

Fortnite Love and War end date

The Fortnite Love and War end date should be February 17, 2020.

You will have until then to play the limited-time Search and Destroy mode and to complete the Love and War challenges. This is good news, as there are plenty of challenges to complete and nifty rewards to earn from doing so. You should have plenty of time to complete every challenge and unlock everything on offer.

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We know that the Love and War event is ending on February 17, but when exactly is the end time of the LTM? Based on the in-game timer, we can say that the Fortnite Love and War end time should be the following:

  • 1 PM PT
  • 4 PM ET
  • 9 PM GMT
  • 10 PM CET
  • 7 AM AEST (February 18)

Now you know exactly when the event should end, you can plan your next 11 days or so accordingly. The Love and War challenges themselves should be simple enough to complete. Most of them simply task you with achieving certain feats in the Search and Destroy LTM. One of the challenges, for example, tasks you with purchasing items from vending machines in Search and Destroy matches. None of them are particularly difficult and you should have plenty of time given the February 17 end date to complete them all. Now get out there and show them what love and war is capable of.