Zombie Army 4 max combo

Zombie Army 4 Max Combo | What is the highest kill combo?

Zombie Army 4: Dead War harkens back to arcade games of yore. That’s right, the new shooter provides plenty of mindless Nazi zombie-slaying fun as players attempt to increase their high score. Undoubtedly the best way of scoring big is to develop and maintain a combo by stringing kills together in rapid succession, though what’s the highest Dead War combo that can be reached? In this guide, we’ll fill you in on what the Zombie Army 4 max combo is.

What is the max kill combo in Zombie Army 4?

Zombie Army 4 max combo

If you want to dominate the online leaderboards in Zombie Army 4: Dead War, then you’re going to need to get to grips with the kill combo system. If you’ve played an arcade shooter before, then you’re likely to be familiar with the mechanic already; putting it simply — aim to get the most kills in the shortest timeframe possible.

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If you’ve got impeccable aim (and are, most likely, playing on PC) it’s possible to maintain a Zombie Army 4 kill combo until you reach the maximum cap. You might expect this to be a combo totaling 999 — that’s the point at which many other games reach their limit, after all — but the highest Zombie Army 4 kill combo is actually 666.

Although that’s 33% less than you might’ve expected, matching the so-called “number of the beast” is a relevant nod for a game that’s all about slaying Nazi abominations.

The combo limit was discovered by @EastwoodIT, who shared video proof of the impressive feat on Twitter. Check it out:

According to Eastwood, Rebellion Community Manage Robert Dale (@beldeth) had previously “said there was a special animation at 666,” although that doesn’t appear to be the case. Dale replied to the tweet by saying “wow congrats,” though didn’t address the illusive animation.

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