How to Earn Xbox Game Pass Quests Rewards

If you’re looking to grab a few freebies for simply playing some games, the newly-revamped Xbox Game Pass Quests system is definitely for you. Read on through this guide to learn how to earn Xbox Game Pass Quests Rewards and how to spend Xbox Game Pass Quests Points. Below, we’ll run you through what you can earn from spending your earned points and how to get them in the first place.

How to Earn Xbox Game Pass Quests Rewards

how to earn Xbox Game Pass Quests rewards

As stated above, you can get hold of a bunch of freebies simply by playing games via Xbox Game Pass on your Xbox One. You will earn points that you can spend on rewards by completing Xbox Game Pass Quests. This is a system that has been in place for a while, but beginning this month (February 2020), it has been upgraded.

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You can earn points by playing a new game, playing specific games, and earning Achievements in-game to name a few different kinds of Quests. From now on, you’ll have daily, weekly, monthly, and Ultimate Quests to complete. The Ultimate Quests are available to those with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. To see what the available Quests are, you can check out the Xbox Game Pass membership section on your Xbox One or you can use the Game Pass Mobile app. To make things as easy as possible, you will receive a notification whenever you complete a Quest. These will let you know when you can turn it in to earn those points.

Once you have built up enough points to spend on rewards, you’ll need to head to the Microsoft account rewards website or app on the Xbox One. Sign in and you’re good to go and earn those Xbox Game Pass Quests rewards. You can get a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, Xbox gift cards, movies, and more.

How Many Xbox Game Pass Quests Points Can You Earn a Month?

Thanks to the Quests update, you can earn thousands of Xbox Game Pass Quest points each month. According to u/mikreddy24’s Reddit thread, for example, you should be able to earn around 3,560 points a month, 42,720 points a year. Hitting those numbers should bag you some nice rewards.