Get Kingdom Come: Deliverance free next week on Epic Game Store

Next week you can download Kingdom Come: Deliverance for free on the Epic Game Store. This medieval adventure scored a 4.5/5 at GameRevolution when it was released two years ago. Time has been kind to this game as many of the bugs and issues I had with the game when I reviewed it have been fixed by either patches or mods.

Kingdom Come takes you back to 15th century Bohemia and puts you in the shoes of Henry, an average serf. Henry gets caught up in political intrigue when his village is ransacked by mercenaries in the employ of Sigismund, the pretender king of Bohemia. As the game goes on, you become involved in the rebellion of the local nobles against Sigismund, and you search for the mercenary who murdered your father.

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Unlike many medieval-style games, Kingdom Come draws its inspiration from real events. So, you won’t find any dragons, magic, or elves here. Instead, you’ll take part in a relatively accurate representation of what medieval life was like in Bohemia. This extends to your character’s abilities. For example, Henry, as a serf, can’t read. You’ll have to find Henry reading lessons if you want him to be literate enough to sample the books and notes you come across in the game.

The need to train Henry extends to all facets of the game. You level up by doing a particular action over and over. If you want Henry to go from a layabout peasant to a champion swordsman, you have to put in the work by having him fight. Through this system, you’ll go from clumsy to competent as the game progresses.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a great game if you love the exploration and gameplay of Elder Scrolls, but want to play something with a little more basis in reality. If it sounds up your alley, you can get it free to keep starting next week on the Epic Game Store.