Fortnite leak reveals Loki crossover likely coming next month

A Fortnite Loki leak has possibly been unearthed as part of a new major datamine, with Epic Games’ battle royale potentially having a crossover with the upcoming Disney Plus show.

The leak was pulled from the most recent Fortnite 3.17 patch that came out today, and the image clearly shows the character of Loki hiding in the shadows. Given Epic’s history with Fortnite Marvel crossovers, it seems certain that a tie-in with the Loki show next month is on the cards.

What is the Fortnite Loki leak?

Fortnite Loki leak

The recent Fortnite datamine from update 3.17 pulled many interesting upcoming items and changes to the game, including a bunch of new loading screens. Additionally, players quickly spotted a figure hiding in the shadows to the left of the image above, wearing the familiar horned helmet of Loki.

Given the success of previous Marvel and DC crossovers with Fortnite, such as the recent appearance of Harley Quinn that actually required a code from a physical comic book to access it, it seems very likely that Loki will soon be coming to the game. As players immediately worked out, the new Marvel Studios Disney Plus show about Loki drops its first episode on June 9 and will run for six episodes.

With Fortnite’s history with tieing into both Marvel properties and major Disney Plus shows, even on the Star Wars side such as with The Mandorian, it’s not a stretch to imagine some sort of Loki event coming in June — or, at the bare minimum, a playable Loki skin being made available to download. Given Loki’s popularity, it’s actually more shocking that he hasn’t appeared in Fortnite already.

Of course, right now the big in-game event is the Fortnite x NBA crossover, which you can take a look at all the skins for here.