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Rust Xbox One | Is Rust coming to Xbox Game Preview?

Like many successful PC games, Facepunch Studios’ Rust launched in Steam Early Access and was shaped into an acclaimed final product with the help of a devoted community. With a console version of Rust confirmed to be inbound for PS4 and Xbox One, it’s only natural that players on the latter system might wonder: “Is Rust coming to Xbox Game Preview?” After all, it’s the closest thing to Steam Early Access that’s offered on any console.

Is Rust launching in Xbox Game Preview?

Is Rust coming to Xbox Game Preview

The question has been asked on Reddit, yet still, developer Facepunch Studios hasn’t offered any official confirmation on the matter. At the time of writing, there are no announced plans to bring Rust to Xbox Game Preview. Instead, it appears as though Rust will release as a final product from the start on Xbox One, just as it presumably will on PS4.

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This may not necessarily be the case, however, as Rust isn’t expected to land on Xbox until the second half of 2020 according to its creator, Garry Newman. This does leave time for plans to be announced and the game to spend a relatively brief period of time in Xbox Game Preview, but that’s certainly no guarantee.

With Steam Early Access being attributed to the game’s initial success, some might see skipping out on a Rust Xbox Game Preview release as a missed opportunity. Games like Ark: Survival Evolved and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) thrived in the Xbox Game Preview environment and already boasted flourishing communities when the full release versions rolled around. Whether or not Rust could lose out on this boon if Facepunch Studios has opted out remains to be seen.

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