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Why am I getting WoW Error Code WOW51900319?

Why am I getting WoW Error Code WOW51900319? This error code can spell doom for players looking to get a great session of World of Warcraft Classic or the vanilla version in, and it could be hard to find a fix for the problem. There’s a solution, but it might not be what you want to hear.

Several players report the same problem: they try to log into the game, but they get WoW Error Code WOW51900319. A quick check of the game’s server status shows that servers are still online, but successive login attempts just don’t work at all. They might ask “Why am I getting WoW Error Code WOW51900319?” and how they can fix it.

Why am I getting WoW Error Code WOW51900319? How can it be fixed?

Wow Error Code WOW51900319 popup

What can you do about this error code in World of Warcraft? Unfortunately, it seems that the only good answer probably to just wait it out.

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A submission on the /r/wow subreddit reported one instance of the problem. The website shows that all of the realms are online, but the person who made the post is unable to log in. Several other players in the read are reporting the exact same issue and error code, hopeful for some kind of solution.

This same problem also affected TimTheTatman during a Twitch stream around the time of the World of Warcraft Classic launch. In his case, he was immediately booted out of the game and saw the error code after having been disconnected.

Thankfully, someone from Blizzard customer support responded in the thread, stating that they’re investigating the issue. While no response has yet been made, the OP and some other users have reported that they’re able to get back in. However, the issue doesn’t entirely seem to be solved as the Blizzard Customer Support Twitter account for the Americas region is reporting that they’re investigating the issue following the conclusion of regular maintenance.

As best as we can tell, this is some kind of server-side issue on Blizzard’s part more often than not. Assuming that your Internet connection is fine, the only thing you can do to fix this problem is to wait for Blizzard to take care of it on the server side of things.